A Team Player

images2I so not like to be a team player – I can be a team player – I do not want to be a team player.

The last 20+ years of my working life, I worked in the IT industry in an office with groups of people and always heard the phrase “We are a team.”, “Be a team player.”; “blah”, “blah”, “blah”. I wanted to tell my upper management that this company I am working for is not football and therefor there is no team.  I do not want to be a ‘team player’ because it reminds me of sports and I was never good at sports.

But I guess the companies I worked for were correct to refer to us employees as a team per the wikiipedia.org definition –

A team is a group of people or other animals linked in a common purpose. Human teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks.

In my post ‘the unsocial me’, I describe myself as a loner, a hermit and reclusive – I did not want to be around people and therefor had no need to be on a team.  I do not see me playing a team sports; I see myself in an individual sport, such as long distance running.  In my last employment before retirement I was a great resource to my company and well respected for my efforts and results.  In my own individual way I accomplished a great deal and provided valuable contributions to this company.  So I guess in a way I was a team player and part of a team.

I think back to my time of struggle with depression and say to myself ‘Those many years of depression, I overcame this on my own.’ But really I did not do it on my own; there were psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, my mom and others that were there to support me, to teach me, to help me move forward to a better me.  I guess these people were my teammates as they accomplished a great deal and provided valuable contributions to me and my life. images1

When it came to the work at my job or the work of getting out of a major depression, I did not consider myself as a team player as I was alone with my mind and its defects.  But reality was there was a team I was a part of and that team help me to win the game over my major depression.

19 thoughts on “A Team Player

  1. Hahaha… I think today is the day when old Curmudgeons hang out together 😀
    Sorry, just thinking aloud.. I am not a team player either, I guess.. but yes, there are other teams, not explicitly said to be so.. and there I am a member.. 🙂

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  2. You’re right – we have so much in common… my goodness!! My feeling toward “teams” is much the same — I was lousy at sports and I always felt that I did my best work solo. Today I embrace the lone life and am happier than I’ve ever been…but I agree. There are times when having others to support you is mandatory. Is healthy and good. I’m glad you had this epiphany too. 🙂

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  3. I am generally not in favor of unions, but when working in a union was the only time I could consider us a “team,” because everyone was on equal footing. In a non-union job, your so-called “teammates” are also your fiercest competitors. Where I work, we are annually “ranked” against each other. The higher your rank, the higher your raise. You have two methods of getting ahead, make yourself look better, and make your peers look worse. I think everyone uses both methods to some degree, but some favor one method more than the other. This atmosphere causes me to bristle at the term “team.” When management uses that term they are either being deceitful or ignorant, and neither one of those is good.

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    • I think the methods you mention are used quite often in many fields and yes I agree, neither one is good. Unfortunately, I guess that is the way of the world with regards to work. Thanks for reading my post and your comment. 🙂

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