Really? Really!

When I started writing my blog posts, I really had no idea how to write or what to write about – I just knew I needed to write, really.

So me not being a writer I just started writing.  Along the way, I have had typos, you know the ones; no misspelled words because ‘Spellcheck’ or ‘Proofread Writing’ catches those for me.  But the grammar typos, such as using ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ or after one of my posts I published I used the word ‘medal’ instead of ‘metal’, you get the idea.  Not a good student in school and not wanting to learn about grammar and sentence structure, I just write the way I talk.  And I am okay with that, I feel my blog is telling a story of me not just with the stories themselves, but the way I write them, including the typos – which do drive me crazy when I see them after publish… but let’s move on.

I wrote a past post and used the word ‘really’ and questioned myself if I needed to use the word ‘really’ in my sentence.  I jotted down my question and moved on.  I decided to investigate what the word ‘really’ meant and am I using it correctly in my sentences. has this definition –

1 a :  in reality :  actually <things as they really are> <there was nothing peculiar about her doing this, really — Peter Taylor> 

b :  truly, unquestionably —used as an intensifier <a really beautiful day> 

c :  very 2 <look really close> <he runs really fast>

2 —used to emphasize an assertion <you really should read Yeats> <really, you’re being ridiculous> has this definition –

A statement of disbelief in a sarcastic manner. It`s like “seriously” but more obnoxious.

In response to a question that just shouldn’t be asked.<Slight Pause> Then said while cocking your head to the side a bit.

This word ‘really’ is really used quite a bit in journalism – News Highlights Please – (taken from today’s headlines)

2015-09-23_0736_001 2015-09-23_0736 2015-09-23_0735_001 2015-09-23_0735 2015-09-23_0734_001

Okay, I really think the word ‘really’, is most likely really overused and I really think my use of the word ‘really’ is really used correctly.  I really feel better now.  Really? Really!

13 thoughts on “Really? Really!

  1. we….eelll!! What do you Americans know about English 😛 you called them to a tea party in Boston and then ungraciously chased them away… (And the irony.. you drink coffee and they still drink tea.. gah!!)… Now, given that.. why would you even call your language English??
    Nah, really? Really!!! 😀

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  2. Really?? (She said – A statement of disbelief in a sarcastic manner. It`s like “seriously” but more obnoxious. She also tilted her head just slightly to the right, looking like a serious owl as she queried..) … heh heh heh…great post btw… Really.

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    • I do too, I am trying to be aware of the words I use, then I think well this is not the way I would speak, so why change it in my writing. Then again, there is part of me that wants to improve my writing skills. Thanks for reading and your comment – it is much appreciated. 🙂


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