Cup of Joe


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I need my morning coffee, strong and black and driving long trips I like my coffee, sweet and flavored.


Meaning –

A nickname for a cup of coffee. That’s all there is to it!

Origin –

Well, there are two popular theories about the origin of this phrase: One is in regards to Josephus Daniels, who was Secretary of the Navy. On the month of June, 1914, he banned all U.S. Navy ships from serving alcoholic beverages. The sailors weren’t too thrilled with the decision, because they had to resort to the next strongest drink on the list, which was coffee!

Since Josephus Daniels was the one responsible for banning alcohol and “forced” everyone to make the switch to coffee, the sailors nicknamed the drink after him, thus it became “a cup of joe,” Joe being short for Josephus. That’s the theory anyways.

However, a more plausible theory comes from Snopes, where it’s explained how the word “joe” can simply mean the average man. For example, perhaps you’ve heard someone say: “I’m just an average joe.” That means he’s just an everyday, ordinary kind of guy. Therefore, a drink involving the word “joe” would show that the drink is for the common man, or the average person.

In my twenties, married and just graduated high school, I worked fulltime for a bank.  I also had a part time evening job working at the mall.  Yes, I worked at the one mall of our small city.  Because I grew up working in my dad’s business (fast food restaurants), I worked part time in the food court for a fast food restaurant.  The owner’s name was Joe and was a young handsome man (late 30s?), who also was a track coach at a local high school.  He liked me a great deal because he could trust me when I was running the store in the evenings.  I eventually quit my banking job and took over as fulltime manager for this food court mall job for several years.

Joe, the owner having 2 daughters treated me as his son, giving me gifts and allowing me to take a couple of paid weeks off when my son #1 was born.  This was unheard of in the 80s.  His gifts to me were not just typical gifts; we are talking about out of the ordinary gifts.  Each week he would give me a carton of cigarettes; this is back when they were much cheaper.  We would also bring me large beef briskets and diapers for my new baby boy.  What a guy Joe was – he was good to me and I have never forgotten him.  I am not certain what happened to Joe: I think he may still live in the same city.


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I would like to contact him someday, catchup with our lives, let him know what a great friend he was to me and maybe meetup with him again and have a Cup of Joe.

14 thoughts on “Cup of Joe

  1. Superbly written, researched.. and I know what you mean.. once more, I can say, same here 😀

    Yes, such people.. my own boss, two decades ago… gave me a 100 cc bike.. it was amazing.. and I can never forget it either.. and I was not even a regular employee, just a sort of.. er.. consultant (even then).. but yes, where did the times go, where did such people go?

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  2. I really love this fun and cool post! Wow what a guy Joe was. I look back at people like Joe in my life and wish the same thing, to catch up and say thanks! Also I wonder if that is where the name came from? sounds like it might, no alcohol but now cup of Joe! I am drinking my cup now!!

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  3. Very nice and what a tribute to that kind man. You SHOULD look him up and say “hello”…he’s probably wondering what happened with you too. Closure is important and time is always slipping away. Happy Monday!

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  4. Truer post was never writ. I’m a morning cuppa lover…that cup when the air outside is crisp and cool and the steam rises and fills you with that blessed aroma. Dang! and those Joes…I think there are Joes here in the world of blogging. Ones like Lyn who gives those little nods of encouragement, that keeps me going…(Plus she has some pretty awesome recipes!) Good post, thanks!

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