Planning a Trip

I am a planner and the next trip is planned.

I have written several posts about the intent of my blog; the writing about my past, those past events in my life that hold me back from moving forward.  This blog is a trip (no LSD needed), and another physical trip to a different location, a new destination is planned.

My partner and I have planned another trip to explore another state for our future home, our next chapter in our lives.  I mentioned in my post ‘Road Surface Makings’ on that trip to the same state we drove about 2,500 miles.  This trip we will be driving about 2,800 miles and again we will visit my partner’s family and explore new surroundings for that next location we hope to call ‘home’.  You can read more about the reason for our new location search in my posts ‘Blog Site, Post & Life Transitions’ and ‘The Home Comfort Zone’.

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Me the OCD person that I am, has to plan, prepare and have every detail of the trip documented.  I start with a word document that includes the future possible locations to live, lodging and family visits and stays.  I also document (via Google maps) the distance between every location of the itinerary.  I then create my itinerary in my favorite app called ‘Tripit’.  This app is accessed from my smartphone throughout our trip and has all the reservation and contact information for lodging and future home locations we will be visiting.  I have used this app for years for all our trips, both here in the US and other countries, and it has never let me down.   It has been a life-saver; ‘don’t leave home without it’ (not my slogan – belongs to American Express).

Because both my partner and I are ‘planners’, we have outlined our whole trip with no details left out.  Our first trip was more about exploring a different way of life that we are unaccustomed to.  We visited several locations and received a better idea of our ultimate desired environment we want.   This next trip is in the same state, different location and same environment.  There is also another trip planned for December to explore another location within the same state.

As we explore these locations and become more informed on the different environment we are unaccustomed to, I feel a sense of excitement in moving forward in my life.  My partner and I are ready to move from our current location, our current life and move forward to the next chapter that is waiting for us.  This move ultimately takes me further away from my family; honestly I need to get out of the current state I have lived in all my life. Not only the physical state, but also the state of mind.

It is time to move on to the next chapter!

19 thoughts on “Planning a Trip

  1. How exciting….I love exploring new states and visiting the local haunts….my husband loves to drive through the neighborhoods of the town, we really can get a feel for the town or city….I love checking out the yards….dream a little, wish and want…its all fun…we drove around the entire US looking for a place we might want to call a new home, but seems when we get home, its here that feels like home….I hope we will get pictures of your journey, its always fun to travel through the eyes of another….and my son is using that app…tripit…he loves it, and like you everything is planned out to the mile….LOL for me I am way to bohemian to do that….however with that said I do like to know how the mileage between places I am heading and to be honest, my husband has to have his GPS girlfriend on, however she has been silenced and may not speak…LOL I am jealous, I wish I was on the road….soon, we are heading to the American River near Nevada at the end of October for a week of watching the water flow by…LOL keep us updated please….and enjoy!!!!

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  2. I’ll be interested in reading more about your trips since my wife and I have seriously considered a relocation change ourselves for some time now. We have not decided on a final location but we too are highly detailed planners, list-makers, etc. It is exciting considering other places, options, etc.

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