You my friends are helping

I wrote in my post ‘Trouble Concentrating and Staying Focus’, this is a common symptom of ADD.  I fight this particular symptom everyday as my mind has difficulty staying focus on one thing at a time and my concentration is easily lost with distractions.  I have learned to deal with this particular symptom first by not letting my loss of focus and concentration upset me.  This symptom is part of me, no need to become upset over it.

When I first started this blog, I was concerned about staying focus on keeping up with my goal; 1 post a day for 365 days.  I was also concerned about my writing; staying focus and would I have issues with concentrating on what I was writing and the actual time to write.

The staying focus on keeping up with my goal is not an issue; I look forward to writing my posts and keeping up with other friend’s posts on a daily basis.  Sometimes I have concentration issues when writing, but my partner keeps this in mind as he is the main distraction (sorry honey!).

My staying focus and keeping my concentration are becoming better due to my meditation I do daily – meditation in itself requires focus and concentration and patience.

When I retired 2 years ago, my focus and concentration became worse than ever.  I believe this was due to no longer having something to think about, mainly my work activities.  The first year I was not working I had my Christmas display to think about and work on.  This year with the decision to not decorate at all (post: The Countdown Is On); I had nothing to focus on, nothing to concentrate on.  Most times I like staying busy on something that keeps me occupied as this helps me with my focus and concentration issues.  When deciding to start a blog I never realized the writing would help me with this symptom.

I am thankful I started this blog and I am writing.  I never imagined writing about anything, much less exposing me, my life to anyone who wants to read about me.

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So, I say thank you, my fellow bloggers, you my friends for reading my posts, your likes and your comments – I appreciate you helping me to not lose focus and concentration.

You the readers are helping me in more ways than you can imagine – and this I am thankful for – thank you for being a friend!

10 thoughts on “You my friends are helping

  1. It is said when we are doing what we love the most we lose all track of time. When writing I find this to be the case. I can be at the keyboard and not realize how much time has passed. It certainly makes sense to me writing would be helpful…and enjoyable…to you.

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  2. I found writing to help me get more focused on my weight loss…I enjoy reading your post and I have been retired for a couple years and I am having trouble keeping track the day and of what time it is…LOL I am chalking it all up to not caring….every night my husband and I take 2 minutes to review the calendar for the next day to make sure we don’t forget anything important…at my last job I used to have about 50 phone numbers memorized and schedules for 3 different shifts pretty much memorized….I am done trying to remember everything…no need…sit back relax and enjoy…no need to stress the small stuff that you can write down and check on to keep on track..LOL deep breaths and keep writing…..I love your blog…kat

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