Son #3 Birthday Wishes

My son #3 was born 29 years ago today.  You can read more about recent events with him in these posts ‘He Started It!’ and ‘Son #3 Now Married’.

With son #3 being my youngest son, it is interesting how I feel as a parent when these boys hit birthday milestones.  I can remember when each entered the teenage years and then their 20s and the first 2 sons entering their 30s.  Son #3 will hit the big 30 a year from today.  Wonder how I will I feel when I finally have all 3 sons in their 30s?

There is a sense of feeling old, numbers only, not mentally or physically.  I can remember back when I was a teenager and thinking my parents were old.  Obviously they were only in their late 30s at that time, but I remember thinking to myself, it would take a long time for me to get to my 30s.  My, does time fly, 30s came and went and now 50s are here and the sons are or soon will be in their 30s.  Wow!

My son #3 was born 29 years ago today.  He is recently married, manages a fast food restaurant and fosters dogs.  He owns a home, is wonderful with children and an all-around good person.  With the recent marriage and age 30 around the corner, I have seen a change in him – he is growing as a person; becoming compassionate, sincere and genuine.  This sounds odd and if you know me by reading my posts, this will make sense – I am thankful he is not me when I was 29, approaching 30.  He may have some struggles in life, and if he does he handles them with grace and this I am thankful for.

I am also thankful for him, my son #3 for he makes me proud.  I want to think that I had something to do with the person he is; he has something of me in him.

I am extremely honored to be his dad and of what he has accomplished; his marriage, his life and who he is.

Birthday wishes to my son #3.

18 thoughts on “Son #3 Birthday Wishes

  1. Why are you always so tough on yourself? Is that supposed to be penance? Come on… of course you had something to do with it.. of course.. I don’t get your logic sometimes, it is almost perverse… ‘If it went wrong, it was always your fault etc. But if things were right, it might or might not be to your credit’..
    I don’t get it.. (And you know why, too.. I would hate to think that after all the years of getting my child to grow up, I would have to conclude that it was NOT because of me that she turned out to be a good person… ) For once, my friend, stand proud. You were a great father and it shows in the kind of human your son has turned out to be…

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    • Thank you my friend, I truly appreciate your words! I think in the coming weeks you will understand my logic behind me feeling the way I do as a father. Yes, relationships with my sons are good today – but I went through many stages in my life that was difficult for them and me. Stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading and your comments. 🙂

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      • 🙂 I know what you mean.. but I just meant.. sometimes… even with all my faults as a human being, I still like to believe that I shall not have failed as a father.. and I simply applied it to your case. I have my doubts about being a good father too.. but I hate to think about it..

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        • I understand, but take into account I have some lingering self-esteem issues, this intensifies my feelings about me as a father. Part reason for this blog is to overcome these feelings among others. I am a work in progress! 🙂

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          • 🙂 Re-affirmation from the rest of the world? Ok, I am here.. count me in…
            But I am often rude, scathing and pithy most times.. and I will not allow you to flagellate yourself all the while..
            if you deserve it.. then hand me the whip when you get tired and I will finish it off for you.. 😀

            Just kidding.. but you know what I mean.. I will not permit you to go negative on yourself.. these is a fine line between catharsis and maudlin self-flagellation.. and I think even if I am rude at times, it has to be said..

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  2. Happy birthday to you and your son…after all you are responsible for part of that special day..I always take a little credit for my kids birthday….and man do they ever add the years on to us…my baby boy turned 29 this year….my nephew just had his 17th wedding anniversary this year….man do I feel old….it is true having kids make the years fly by….and all I read is how much you love and care…..kat.

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