The years pass – where did the time go?

I can remember during my school years sitting in class, daydreaming and thinking how time moves slow, very slow and I hated it.

This mostly likely was due to my lack of interest in learning and therefore I thought my time was being wasted.  I thought it would take forever to become an adult – fast forward – I am an adult – a middle age adult – on my way to becoming a senior.

Where did the time go?

The website has an article titled ‘Why Time Feels Like It Passes Quicker as You Get Older’ and includes the following –

Time does go by (or, more accurately, it feels as if time is going by) more quickly the older we get. In the first few years of our lives, anything we sense or do is brand new, and many of our experiences are unique, so they remain firmly in our memories. But as the years go by, we encounter fewer and fewer new experiences—both because we have already accomplished a lot and because we become slaves to our daily routines. For example, try to remember what happened to you every day last week. Chances are that nothing extraordinary happened, so you will be hard-pressed to recall the specific things you did on Monday, Tuesday, etc.

This is my typical week, nothing extraordinary happens and I can tell you exactly what I did on Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week.  There are some different experiences taking place; garage sales, planning future trips for that next location of the next chapter in my life.  But the usual routines take place, exercising, meditating, eating, writing posts, reading posts, yard work, watching television, etc.

I feel fortunate I have this blog and I am writing, I never imagined this would take place.  My future plans, the next chapter in my partner and my life, I hope to learn new things, experience new adventures, expand on my knowledge and play more.  Early next year I hope to have a better picture of what the future will be; that next chapter and I will share this with you.

Until then, time will pass and nothing extraordinary will occur – at least I am not expecting anything extraordinary.

Provided By (Years & Years – Worship)

Provided By (Years & Years – Worship)

When the next chapter starts, the routines will change and maybe just maybe time will slow down some.

I believe in the next chapter of my life, I will do some daydreaming and think how time is moving slow and I will like it and will not be concerned where time is going and not concerned the years are passing by.

11 thoughts on “The years pass – where did the time go?

  1. yeah, excellent conclusion…I love day dreaming, I read once that you need a degree of intelligence to day dream, which pleased me no end at that time. I couldn’t be an artist if I didn’t day dream, day dreams are where every idea born to mankind originated…I also love to be entertained…books – movies, or just people watching, although lately animal watching has overcome the people watching. Thanks for your thoughtful posts.

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    • I totally agree with about the daydreaming. And like you I have been doing more animal watching – mainly the squirrels in my backyard! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. 🙂


  2. The article makes sense to me. That being said when nothing new is happening in our lives we can find newness in things we previously passed by or failed to notice when our lives were preoccupied with other forms of newness. Fall in the Northeast is a perfect example…a time of year when the extraordinary happens slowly. The slow transfer of color by the leaves is something I never noticed while rushing to and from work…at work, etc. As I am not at work right now the fantastic metamorphosis of Autumn is something I can only now…finally now…truly now…appreciate in its fullest. Time slowly passes by right now…there’s so much to view and appreciate…and watching certainly lends itself to daydreaming at that.

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    • I agree with you, I have become ‘stuck’ in a routine for so long, my days are filled with the same old thing. I hope to be changing this next year with a move. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated! Continue to enjoy the color changes – it is impressive! 🙂

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