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I do appreciate the comments I receive from my posts.  Some comments bring to light my ability to overthink.  Well it is not necessary an ability but more of an obsession.

Image Provided By: www.vi.sualize.us

Image Provided By: http://www.vi.sualize.us

dictionary.com has the following definition for Overthink –

To spend more time thinking about something than is necessary or productive

Okay, yes I do this on occasion – maybe more than I need to.  I especially apply my overthinking to my relationship with my sons and the thought of me failing as a father.  This particular topic, I most likely have overthought and I am moving on and no longer dwelling on this.  Through my writing and comments from you I see now I was overthinking this and was filling my mind with fault and disgrace.  And yes, there are other areas I overthink.

today.com has an article titled ‘Upside of being a worrywart: The surprising benefit to overthinking’, and includes the following information –

If you’re a classic overthinker, you analyze everything that happens in your life. You mull over every decision until you’re exhausted. You even brood about your tendency to brood.

Well, here’s good news to ruminate on — there are benefits to overthinking, according to a new opinion paper in “Trends in Cognitive Science.” Brooding may be connected to creativity.

Well, this is good news, I have always been creative and this must be the reason.  So maybe to overthink or overthinking is not so bad after all!

The article goes on to say –

And even if neurotic overthinking spurs creative thoughts, it also can cause a lot of stress.

Okay, maybe I rushed into this decision to quickly.  The article continues with –

There are ways that over-thinkers can channel their ruminations in positive ways. Perkins suggests over-thinkers do the following:

  • Try engaging in creativity activities, such as painting or ceramics, or tedious activities that consume a lot of mental energy. This channels the overthinking into a healthy activity.
  • Write a list of all your worries and walk away. When looking at it again, evaluate each item to determine what is a real problem, what is something that can’t possibly be solved, and what is a major issue that can be fixed.
  • Take one more look at your list. This time, cross off the non-problems, fix the easy issues, and save the tough ones for focused thought.

This is what I am doing with my writing and your comments – I am crossing off the non-problems, fixing the easy issues and I do not feel I have tough ones to focus on.

Instead, I will focus on my good benefits of overthinking – being creative –

hopefully I will not overthink this!

Image Provided By: www.collativepro.com

Image Provided By: http://www.collativepro.com

12 thoughts on “overthink this

  1. One of the things I like most about blogging is that I learn new things and read points of view I would normally not have considered.

    In regards to overthinking, I find that overthinking generally causes problems for me and that creative ideas more often come when my mind is silent. In that state the knowings or the ideas seem to come out of nowhere. Sometimes it feels like magic to me!

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