Evolution of our lives

……………………we all are evolution………………

Wikipedia.org has this definition –

Evolution is change in the heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of biological organisation, including the levels of species, individual organisms, and molecules.

Okay, when creating this title, this is not what I wanted to write about.  This is what I really want to write about –

Evolution of our lives – how in our lives we change, not just in physical form, but also those characterizes about us that change over time.

My life has evolved from a young child full of insecurities to a young man with major depression to middle aged, content but needing more in life.

My life has evolved from a young child not interested in physical activities, to a young man that became extremely health conscience to middle aged, doing less activities, but still healthy.

My life has evolved from a young child full of innocence, to a young man loving and having children to middle aged, and in love.

The Co-Intelligence Institute has an excellent article titled ‘Learning to Be Evolution’, and includes the following excerpt –

Evolution is the process of change — ongoing transformational change. It is the cumulative development of life, unfolding slowly and incrementally, with occasional sudden bursts of creativity, with evolutionary opportunities sprouting in climates of crisis.

Through evolution new forms appear — new organisms, new partnerships, new conditions, new systems. Some of them last and some don’t. Evolution tests things out. Evolutionary testing goes on at every level, all the time. The universe does it. Life does it. Human societies do it. You and I are doing it every day — sometimes in our lives, sometimes in our minds, sometimes in our conversations. New patterns rise and fall.

So this evolution of our lives, the transformational change we go through is occurring every day of our lives.  I personally do not notice this change on a daily basis, but hind sight is 20/20 and I see it and I did experience it.

stevenaitchison.co.uk has an article ‘Personal Evolution Versus Personal Growth’ by Chris Akins that includes the following –

We hear the term personal growth a lot.  I prefer the term personal evolution. The difference may be just semantics to some, but I see a distinction between growing and evolving.  I see personal growth as goal-oriented and effortful, whereas in my view personal evolution is allowing yourself to become the person that you truly are.  Personal growth implies changing things about yourself, whereas personal evolution implies radically accepting who you are and allowing changes to occur naturally.


Image Provided By: http://www.bookish.com

Looking back I see those choices I made for personal growth and I accept those changes in me for evolutionary growth.  I accept me for who I am today, will see what evolution takes place tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Evolution of our lives

  1. evolution….hummmm I have always put my life into chapters….first marriage was book with 10 years worth of chapters…2nd marriage 8 years of chapters…and then I was single, by choice, for 13 years….lots of mini stories during that time…and now for the last 8 years I have been with my sweet heart….I have evolved and digressed on many levels of my life at different times….I am hoping I am evolving yet again at this stage…I am no longer calling my life a book, as I am not going to end this one…LOL just keep adding to it…..great post made me think….kat

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