Tweet an apology

My usual television viewing habits do not include ‘reality’ shows.  I think it is impossible for a television show to be ‘reality’; there has to be some script to it.  I mean if someone was filming my life as a reality, me with a camera filming my every move, I would most likely act a little different.  Anyway, I did become interested in one ‘reality’ show, I will not say which one, but there was some interest on my part to watch it, so I did.

During one episode, the main character, the parent was speaking with a daughter about another daughter being upset with the parent.  Apparently the upset daughter sent an email about how upset she was.  After the other daughter explained to the parent why this daughter was upset, the parent responded with ‘I should tweet an apology.’  I thought to myself, really?  Is this what we are coming to?

People no longer speak to each other, their communication is now digitized.  We now communicate through email, text, Facebook, Twitter and yes I guess we could also include WordPress.  I have nieces and nephews who are obviously much younger than me who sit side by side texting each other.  They do not talk to each other, they text.  I really do not know how to feel about all this communication today.

I like talking in person and on the phone.  Getting my sons to talk on the phone is not always easy, but it does occasionally happen.  I enjoy hearing their voices and listening to what they are saying, it is personal and important.  My dad and mom being in their 80s talk on the phone, that is their generation and the generation after me are the email, text, Facebook, Twitter generation.  I am in between.  I grew up communicating via the phone and I can also communicate via the digital method.

But when it comes to communicating our feelings, the digital method is unable to express the true emotions that go along with that.  It is not possible and never will be.  The voice not only provides words, it also expresses true feelings, true emotions and the ability to express the true individual.

It saddens me the world is moving toward one of less vocal communication, there is a loss here, a loss that the digital method is unable to encompass.  It will be interesting to see where our communication is in 10, 20 years from now.  Decades from now, if I am still alive, I wonder if any of us will be talking to each other at all.

Can you image a world where no words are spoken?

24 thoughts on “Tweet an apology

  1. I agree.. in fact, waiting for one of those super solar eruptions.. no more satellites, no more pesky mobile phones or television hahaha.. but I wonder.. how will people even survive such an event? Everything in our modern world seems to run on electronics.. do people really have basic skills to survive in a primitive world then? Ah, never mind.. thinking out aloud 🙂

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  2. I LOVE this post. BTW, are you talking about Kim from “Don’t be Tardy”? It sounds like her. That being said, my sons hardly ever call–they text and like you, I love to hear their voices–I don’t know if they want to hear mine though. But, my dear Spear, I, like you would much rather speak than tweet, text or whatever. But I still love to add my comments! XOXOXO!

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  3. It is ridiculous how our communication has come to this. now keep in mind as a joke only here is what I did one day and my daughter was just laughing! She dropped her phone and it cracked and broke. I admit that normally I text her instead of calling down to her! I wanted to go for a walk, she has a room downstairs, so I got on facebook and posted on her wall, “hey want to walk”!!!! She ran upstairs laughing! I like the good old fashioned way of TALKING!

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  4. My wife and I are constantly amazed by those around us who have chosen to communicate almost always other than directly…through technology. It’s great to have the ability to reach out immediately when help is needed or when there is a critical situation…but for example there’s a whole generation of students now hitting the work force where many literally can’t interact in a group setting just by talking…or function without their phones, etc.

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    • Exactly! It seems to me that social media has the next generation becoming unsocial in a way. Social media has its place in our society, but it concerns me some of the ways it is being used. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  5. So very true! There are many things I enjoy with technology and being able to meet so many wonderful individuals I never would have been able to without it! However there’s a fine line when it comes to those close to us. It does seem strange to not just really talk. Also makes me think of letter writing. Yes it’s nice to be able to get an email in an instant, but I love being able to hold on to a letter I know someone took the time to write with their own hand. Loses some of the magic in an email! It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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