Small Fear of Water

I remember an event when I was a very young child –


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My family was visiting my great grandmother who lived in a state of the US that was densely forested land.  We were visiting a lake and playing in the water and I remember not once but twice walking away from the shore and then no longer feeling the bottom of the lake.  I was very young, could not swim and started struggling and gasping.  I started to fight the water to no avail; I remember out of nowhere my oldest brother was there and grabbed me, took me and saved me.

I have never had a conversation with my oldest brother about this, but still to this day – I have some fear of the water.

For many years as a young child going on trips and when we would drive across a bridge over water, I would always fear the car would drive off and with no way out I would drown in the car.

I still today have some fear of the water.  I have a swimming pool with the deepest part 5 ½ feet, but I do not like to swim under the water and certainly will not open my eyes under water.  If I am in a pool that has a deep end, I will not go there; I must feel the bottom of the pool.  I have in my younger days; gone water skiing, but do not like not being able to see in the water.  I like the ocean, but never swim in the ocean, I rarely ride on boats and still today, when crossing a bridge over water – I have some fear the car will drive off and with no way out I will drown in the car.

I guess I have a mild case of Aquaphobia – the fear of water.   In the article ‘Fear of Water Phobia’ on the website it describes one cause of Aquaphobia –

The roots of this phobia can be traced to prior traumatic incidents with water, where one might have almost drowned, or was pushed into a water body as a prank, or fallen off a boat or deck. One might even have witnessed a traumatic event such as the drowning or death of a loved one in water.

Many years ago I went on a cruise and it took all my strength to go snorkeling – and this was in shallow water.  There is no way I could scuba dive, the thought of breathing in a mask and being enclosed by water scares the heck out of me.

My worst fear of dying is it will occur by drowning, so to a certain extent I avoid certain situations with water.


I drink lots of water, I shower in water, I water my plants, I like rain, I like the sounds of water fountains and water falls – but I have a small fear of water.

18 thoughts on “Small Fear of Water

  1. I am with you on this one. I have the same fear of water, although I don’t know why. I have been given somewhat of a psychological reason that I don’t want to go into here but supposedly it goes back to abuse in my childhood. I have to be able to touch the ground as well and I have to be able to see through the water. For me though, I can’t go under water and can’t have water run down my face, not even in the shower. I hate this fear.

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    • It is interesting how events in our childhood will affect us many years later. It sounds you have more difficulty with water than I. I am sorry to hear that – I hope someday it gets better for you. As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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  2. I am terrified of water ever since my father thought it would be a good idea to throw me in the water at a beach. It was a terrible experience with life guards having to remove me from the water. Oh, enough about me. I enjoyed this post. It will be a pleasure following you.You are very talented.

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  3. I hear ya brother. It’s strange how the tiniest thing sometimes will haunt us for years and years. My own particular phobia is spiders – and I cannot bring to mind the memory of why either. Nobody (that I remember) ever chased me with one nor did one crawl on me unaware as a child or bite me. Maybe whatever it is, is so traumatic that I cannot recall it. The tiniest of spiders will send me screaming to a far corner. So yes, I understand YOUR fear of water. Fear sucks, whatever face it shows to us.

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    • I can understand the fear of spiders, the small ones do not bother me too much, but the big ones do. I grew up in an area where tarantulas were common and I hated them! I would not google ‘tarantula’, as there are some scary pictures. As always, I appreciate your comments! 🙂


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