Easy to Label, Easy to Judge

I don’t know about you, but it is easy for me to label and judge people.  I see a news story with an interview taking place about some controversy and I label the person and then I judge.  It is easy to do, but much more difficult to not do!

I think I label and judge because of my opinions, beliefs and views on different aspects of life.  I do not like to be labeled and I certainly do not like to be judged by others – so, I should not label and judge others, but it is so easy to do.

For reasons that will soon be revealed, I was granted labels and because of these labels now I am judged.  But then again, I think we all have labels and therefore based on these labels, we all are judged.  My post series ‘Thoughts From Years Past’ concludes this Friday and from the event that will occur and subsequent events I will receive many labels from which I will then receive judgement.  Judgement received from family, friends, professionals; and in future posts, maybe you who read my blog.

So the phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is such an easy phrase, but difficult to abide by.  Why is this?  I remember in high school labeling other students.  You had the ‘jocks’, the ‘socialites’, the ‘nerds’, and the ‘band queers’ to name a few.  Not sure what labels are used today in high school, but in society we have labels such as ‘losers’, ‘the 1%’, ‘slut’, ‘retard’, ‘homo’, ‘illegal aliens’  you get the idea.

Based on these labels, the judgement takes place – judgement based on attitudes, based on principals, based on observations, or whatever it is inside of us to judge people.

The elitedaily.com article ‘We Are All Human: 10 Labels We Need To Stop Using To Describe People’ begins with the following –

Humans have an innate desire to place labels on everything. Labels give people a sense of order, and a way of distinguishing things.

Yet, people aren’t things; they are human beings first and foremost. Using labels to describe people ignores deeper reflections of their personhood.

A person’s race, sexuality, socioeconomic status or geographic origins does not define all that he or she is or will be.

When it comes down to it, people have a right to be called whatever they want. However, as a society, we should consider the fact that labels often warp our perceptions of people. In essence, they promote both blatant and unconscious prejudice.

Likewise, humans are too dynamic to be placed in boxes. The labels we place on people will never adequately capture the complexity of the human spirit.

I make an attempt every day to not judge based on a label, or based on my personal opinions, beliefs and views.

Image Provided By quotesgram.com

Image Provided By quotesgram.com

It is difficult at times, but I do not give up on stopping this process in my mind.  There are a few of you readers of my blog I feel I know well based on your posts and your comments.  My hope is in upcoming posts of mine you do not judge me based on my labels, because if you have read my posts for a while now; you truly know me – the personhood with a human spirit.

7 thoughts on “Easy to Label, Easy to Judge

  1. I think labels are just a lazy way people like to organize their thoughts and opinions of others…like putting them in folders, on a shelf, etc. Humans are dynamic and fluid. They are not static. Life is not static Labels are.

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  2. It is so easy to judge and label. I guess people feel the need to put people and things in categories to understand them? I can’t wait to read your posts! I feel you are a wonderful person striving to do your best in your life! much love Spear! drive safely!

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