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In my post ‘overthink this’, I wrote the following –

I especially apply my overthinking to my relationship with my sons and the thought of me failing as a father.  This particular topic, I most likely have overthought and I am moving on and no longer dwelling on this.  Through my writing and comments from you I see now I was overthinking this and was filling my mind with fault and disgrace.

In my post ‘Son #3 Now Married’, I wrote the following –

This past weekend’s wedding was beautiful; I was able to spend some time with all my sons and this I am thankful for.  I spoke to them words of encouragement, support, love and the proudness I have of each one of them.  I am grateful I played a small part in their growing from boys to men.

In today’s post, I write the following –

You the readers of my blog have written comments that are invaluable and provide light to me; they lift a burden I have carried for many years.

One fellow blogger Atypical 60, wrote a comment and here are some excerpts from that comment –

Hey Spear. Congratulations. I actually got a bit misty-eyed at reading this. Like you, I have three children.

…it was nice and refreshing to read about your son. Best for him and his wife and I do believe that you are the very proud dad.

Here is an excerpt from my response back to this comment –

Through my writing I am learning that I tried to be the dad I wanted to be, but could not. I am learning that I actually was a good dad because I have come to realize I had to leave their lives in order for them to have good lives. I think they are starting to understand that now – I am.

Another fellow blogger aidy193, wrote a comment and here is an excerpt from that comment –

I wouldn’t worry yourself too much; it is extremely important to make sure YOU are healthy and working well. Without that there isn’t much to offer anyone else. I think as we grow older we see this, and we realize why our parents did things we may not have understood when we were children. I’m glad your relationships are good; there is always time to make them stronger.

Here is an excerpt from my response back to this comment –

I am starting to feel my kids are having an understanding of why I was not there for them in their growing up years.

My fellow bloggers, you truly have helped me to release guilt that has plagued my mind for many years.

I am unable to put into words the feeling that overwhelms me when I realize the importance of this blog, but most importantly you the readers and the comments you so gracefully write.

I will end this post with a comment –

Your Comment

13 thoughts on “‘Your Comment’

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    Spear, some of us overthink and overfeel and that is what makes us different (and sometimes gets us into trouble) but the world needs us with all our “specialness”. (my spellcheck is not looking my words at all but I don’t care ! ) . But for things to work we must understand, accept and take good care of ourselves.
    Turtle Hugs 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. I am so happy my comments have helped you and made you feel better about yourself and life. That is such a humbling and wonderful feeling. Blogging is such a wonderful thing, through all the other people you can meet and connect with and learn from and grow with. I’m so very glad we were able to find each other on the blogosphere, I look forward to many more postings and comments! 😀

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    • I am thankful for you and all other bloggers who write comments that encourage me, provide me a different perspective or give me feedback. And yes, blogging is a wonderful thing – I wish I had started writing years ago. Everything happens for a reason, my reason for writing my blog is happening now – for a reason. Thanks again – truly appreciate your thoughts and comments. 🙂

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