A Rant – I feel like crap

I am ranting today because I feel like crap; I was going to use a different 4 letter word that starts with an ‘S’, but decided to be a little kinder in the words I use today.

Per urbandictionary.com –


when used to describe sickness;feeling sick

“Oh, man, I feel like crap!”

Image Provided by www.pinterest.com

Image Provided by http://www.pinterest.com

We arrived home this past Sunday from our long trip, Monday I started feeling a little sick, Tuesday was worse, Wednesday I felt like crap, today a little bitter, but still crappy.

I try every day to be a nice person, I complain a lot about everything; not sure why, I just do.  But when I feel like crap, please, my complaining increases to the highest level – I should be left alone, I want to be left alone.  After all who really cares about the way I feel?

In my post ‘Aches, Pains, Life’, I wrote about the aches and pains I experience every day and these aches and pains affect my everyday activities; mainly limiting me from doing activities I enjoy.  I just am unable to do many things I once could do.  And now, these past few days, I have fever, coughing, sneezing, running nose, watery and itchy eyes, more body aches and tiredness; yes, I feel like crap.

But does anyone really care about the way I feel?  No, not really; nobody knows I am sick and concerning my upper back, lower back, shoulder, rotator cuffs and arms – the pain I experience every day, I usually do not complain about it to anyone except my partner.  I figure no one really cares.  Oh, and let’s talk about my arthritis; well my doctor has not officially diagnose me with arthritis, but I know it when I feel it.  It is becoming colder outside (which by the way – I HATE colder weather) and the humidity is higher, so my joints hurt and are stiff; yes, I feel like crap.

But does anyone really care about the way I feel?  No, not really, nobody knows I feel like crap except my partner and he knows – I should be left alone, I want to be left alone.

Image Provided by www.werkjerks.com

Image Provided by http://www.werkjerks.com

So why am I ranting about this today on my blog to you the readers, I do not really know why, I think it may be I would like for someone, anyone to care about the way I feel.

I feel like crap – so I needed to rant about it.

Thanks for reading!

37 thoughts on “A Rant – I feel like crap

  1. I care! Feel better. (trite advice ain’t it? It’ll happen, when it’ll happen). My hope to you is that, unlike me, your particular bug goes the %$@# away and doesn’t morph into it’s uglier and bigger brother/cousin/relative of unspecified origin…..I felt semi-normal yesterday (have had all the symptoms you describe – coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, general malaise) and they seemed to be hitting the road. Note the use of the word “SEEMED”. I woke up at about 2:30 am, being unable to breathe, tight chest, dizzy and nauseous. Today the fever is back and higher than it was (apparently), the chest is REALLY TIGHT (which means the bastard flu has moved down into it. I’ve been to this rodeo before) and I’m feeling like your twin pile o’ crap. Take care, hot drinks (of a clear liquid nature), juice, and above all REST “should” cure this. But what do I know? I’m just a fellow ranter/blogger, not a physician! Thanks for letting me rant on your rant! Cheers sweetie!

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    • Thanks for the advice, it is that time a year where many of us are feeling the same crap. I did just wake from a long nap, and I hate to say it, but I feel worse. Oh, well – it’s not the end, I don’t think it is anyway. You get to feeling better soon and thanks for caring! 🙂

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  2. Just so you know – I care!! And I know exactly how you are feeling. I actually just wrote today about duality, in this case “leave me alone” but also “please, I just need a hug”. And here I am my dear – I understand and I am wrapping you in a giant HUG!!

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  3. There is a lovely Scottish word “Wabbit” that sort of means washed out or feeling crappy. It’s a cozier word and implies affection when you use it in a sentence, “Poor wee Spearfruit – you are looking a bit wabbit today, can I give you a bozie?” That means a hug against your chest. Anyway, I feel your pain. The cold and humidity is making everything ache and it even hurts to splay my fingers.

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  4. Ah, I hope your feeling better soon. I’m at the tail end of a weird flu / cold hybrid and it’s really discouraging how hard it is to be so sick on top of the daily chronic pain. Virtual hugs if you want them.

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    • Virtual hugs are needed. I understand the sickness on top of the daily chronic pain. For me, not only does it effect the physical, but also the mental. Hopefully that makes some sense. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

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  5. To be able to “rant” about it is good ! Are you feeling better by now? Even if your body is not yet feeling less achy your soul is a bit more comforted by the lovely comments above right? 🙂
    It is flu season plus you have been travelling plus you are stressed (even if a good stress) so bang, down you go. Indulge and baby yourself 😉 And rant all you need …we will hear you
    Turtle Hugs

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    • Yes, very much comforted by the comments from you and everyone else. I agree, I think the long trip wore me out – I was so tired and my body was whipped. Feeling a little better today, drinking plenty of fluids and getting plenty of rest. Should be like new in a couple of days! As always I appreciate you taking the time for me today! 🙂

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  6. Get better Spear. Obviously from all the comments before me you have folks who are rooting for you to get up and about as soon as possible…like me for example. Take care!

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    • Thank you, feeling better will come soon! And thanks for including me in your lifeattitudes post. I very much appreciate you taking the time to really read my posts and ‘get’ the point of the post. I agree with you, comments are important! Thanks for stopping by today, always appreciate your comments.

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  7. 😦 I’m so sorry you’re feeling crappy this week!! I definitely care, and I hope you get to feeling better as soon as possible! I definitely understand being grouchy when you don’t feel good; I think you have that right on those days. 🙂

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  8. I care! I am sorry you feel like crap! And Complain…sometimes we need to hear ourselves do it to make sure someone does care and to know we are still human! To let others know we hurt and that we are in fact dealing with something that may be more than we can bear. I hope you feel better soon! Just take it day by day and if that doesn’t work hour by hour or minute by minute. Sometimes I take it scoop by scoop (ice cream, LOL) Or comedy by comedy or book by book. Do what you must until you start to feel better. {HUGZ}

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      • You are welcome and I am glad today it a bit better! We all have days like this and the important part is that after a few days of it we find the strength to get back up. NEVER feel bad for needing to vent/ complain because we are human and a pity party is needed sometimes but after we have one we do need to find the strength try and move forward! Even if it means punching something and moving on, LOL (yea some days I’m a lil dark)

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