My Photo Taking Skills

Have you noticed any changes to my blog site?

The theme is the same, but I changed the color scheme with the background now my favorite color.  Yes, yellow is my favorite color.  I try to stick with the mellow colors as these colors for me are soothing and comforting.  That is what I want my blog site to represent to you the readers.  Don’t get wrong, I like the vibrant colors also and who knows maybe someday will update to those.  But for now I will keep these colors for a while.

Did you notice the photos on each page have changed?

When I decided to update the theme several months ago, I did not like the photos that came with the theme.  They did not represent what my blog was about.  So, at the time being in a hurry getting the new theme published, I found some photos out there on the internet that I could use and I resized them and then cropped them to fit my site and used those.  I don’t know if you remember or not, but some of those photos were not clear due to the resizing.  But I kept them anyway.

For no reason, I woke yesterday morning and decided I wanted to make some changes to this site.  So the color scheme was updated and the photos were updated.  Guess what?  These photos are ones I actually took.  Yes, they were taken by me; some from trips I have taken in the past and a few from my very own backyard.  Each photo is part of a bigger picture, as I had to crop them in order for them to fit my header.

Most photos I take are with my smart phone, I have a few taken with my tablet also.  Almost all my photos are not good, because I do not take the time to take a good photo.  I would like to take the time to take great photos, especially now because some of you bloggers out there (you know who you are), take wonderful photos.  I want to also, except I don’t want to buy an expensive camera to do it.  I hope someday soon, to have time to read about the settings on my smart phone and take great photos.

In the future when I start taking better quality photos I would like to share them with you.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the few I have displayed on each page of this site.

Oh, one more picture to leave you with – this was taken on last month’s trip in search for that next location of our home in the next chapter in our lives.


22 thoughts on “My Photo Taking Skills

  1. I am an amateur smart phone picture taker and when possible I do try to incorporate shots into my posts…as I recently did with our ficus that threatens to take over an entire room. Perhaps I too will be more active along these lines and snap some shots for show.

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  2. It looks fantastic! Those pictures are beautiful! I think you did a fabulous job. 🙂 When I got my new phone, I was really disappointed that it took better pictures than the camera I owned! I too would love to get more into photography and an actual super-nice camera to use. Perhaps someday! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

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  3. beautiful sunset picture….your blog background is a light color but I can’t fiqure out the exact color, I would have to say beige……love you post about your fathers letter….really starts to put your struggles in perspective for me….I had a mother who wasn’t the most affectionate….she didn’t hug or say I love you….after my father passed, everyone always say I love you at the end of a phone conversation now and big hugs when we see each other….my mother passed 3 years but she was in on the hugs and love yous all the time…..really enjoy following you…..kat

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