Christmas Decorating Break

I wrote in my posts ‘Gremlins and their stuff’ and ‘Selling Gremlin’s Stuff’ the need to have garage sales due to preparations to downsize for a move to a smaller home next year.  20151112_141849 This weekend another garage sale is taking place.  This time it is not Gremlin’s stuff that is being sold, it is my stuff – my Christmas stuff. 20151112_142008_001

My post ‘The Countdown Is On’, I wrote about my Christmas decorations – lots and lots of Christmas decorations.  My past Christmas displays included up to 26,000 lights all synchronized to music, lighted characters, many Christmas trees and much, much more.  This year I am not decorating at all; the downsizing of possessions also includes the Christmas decorations.

The past years of decorating have been time consuming, but I have enjoyed every minute of it – the decorating and creating a Christmas display is a way for me to show my creativity.  20151112_141857At this point, not knowing what the future is in the next chapter of my partner and my life, the decorating is ending for now.  Once the transition takes place next year, we will see if the extreme decorating will begin again.

For now, the Christmas decorations will be sold – this includes indoor decorations such as animated musical dancing Christmas trees and other characters, a life size Santa Claus, 4 large Christmas trees, plush snowmen, several Santa and Angel tree toppers, lots of Christmas tree ornaments, countless stuffed animals, and many other nick-knacks that would make your head spin.  20151112_141948The outdoor decorations include animated characters such as Big Bird, Snoopy, Candy Canes, A Santa Train, A Santa Cowboy, Reindeer, Elmo, Rudolph, way too many miniature Christmas trees to mention, and a mega amount of light strands that results in over 30,000 lights.   Oh but wait – we cannot forget about the large amount of garland, the bows, the bells, then there is the big star, oh and did I mention the hundreds of extension cords – you get the picture!20151112_142225

My past years outdoor Christmas displays have taken me upwards to 300 hours over the course of a year to plan and install.  I had anywhere from 22,000 – 26,000 lights synchronized to music consisting of up to 12 songs including Christmas classics, favorite movie songs and fun parody songs.

So it is all being sold for someone else to use and enjoy for their Christmas display.

20151112_142109We will see what the future holds for Christmas decorating – my hope is it will start again in the future, but for now – I am taking a Christmas Decorating Break!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating Break

  1. Spear! I feel badly that you won’t be decorating at all. I would have LOVED to have seen your past outdoor displays. I was going to start decorating today but with this news of Paris, it just burst our bubble–and Bonaparte is incredibly upset…..Anyway, thank you for a lively post–it is just what was needed! XOXOXOXO!!!

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    • Yes, I am a little sad about not decorating, I hope to pick it back up again in the coming years – time will tell. I feel the same about Paris, I was so upset when I turned on the TV yesterday and heard about it. So sad and upsetting! Please let Bonaparte know I am thinking about him and all those in Paris. Hugs to you!


  2. Ok so your house is the one we all stop at to say oh my and take pictures! ??Wow I want to see, a request, if you have a video or more pictures please post them??? I think you put up a picture before but I need more!! I hope you are not sad about leaving the decorating for this year. I am excited just hearing about your displays!

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    • Thanks Lynn. I do have some videos and was thinking about posting some of them next month. I unfortunately did not take the best videos – it is difficult getting good videos when you have 26,000 lights flashing. But I think I will post some of the better ones in December. Hope your weekend is going well – I am sitting outside right now overseeing the garage sale. 🙂

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