The Christmas Stuff Garage Sale

My post last week ‘Christmas Decorating Break’ I wrote the following –

I wrote in my posts ‘Gremlins and their stuff’ and ‘Selling Gremlin’s Stuff’ the need to have garage sales due to preparations to downsize for a move to a smaller home next year.  This weekend another garage sale will take place.  This time it is not Gremlin’s stuff that is being sold, it is my stuff – my Christmas stuff.

20151113_155344.jpgIn today’s post I write the following –

The garage took place this past weekend with the weather cooperating both Saturday and Sunday.  Overall ‘The Christmas Stuff Garage Sale’ was a success with many Christmas decorations sold.  There were a couple of times it was a little difficult seeing my past Christmas displays being taken away.  But I know someone else will put them to good use.  And I also realize the selling of the Christmas decorations is part of the process to start the next chapter in mine and my partner’s lives.

20151114_065033.jpgNot all items were sold and again next weekend, ‘The Christmas Stuff Garage Sale’ will continue in hopes of selling the remaining Christmas decorations.  We need to sell as much as possible or we will eventually donate, giveaway, throwaway the garage sale items because we do not want to take any excess items to our new location – our new home – our new chapter.

Garage sales are exhausting; the sitting, the waiting, the selling, the negotiating, the giving, the watching, it is an extreme effort.  But you meet new people also; some people from nearby neighborhoods, some people from further away cities, and then there are the familiar people within the same neighborhood that come by to browse and chat.  You have people looking for specific items, the browsers, the ‘I got to have that!’ people and the people who just keep buying stuff because they like everything.  The garage is still full of Christmas decorations just waiting for that right buyer to take it home and use for this upcoming Christmas.

20151114_065014.jpgSo this next weekend, we will do it all again.  The people will come, the people will go, the people will browse, the people will buy and hopefully the Christmas stuff will make their way to a new location a new home and a new chapter in their lives.

And when it is over and the Christmas decorations are sold – I will remember the past Christmas displays that I created for the cars that drove here and stopped in amazement to view.  I will remember the children, the adults, the neighbors, the visitors; all those that came to visit and to experience the Christmas Spirit, the Christmas Joy, the Christmas Event that I created just for them.

12 thoughts on “The Christmas Stuff Garage Sale

  1. A case of one man’s trash is another’s treasure. We always try to donate anything that doesn’t quite fit into our look or lives going forward because it may very well be just what someone else is searching for. The material items may not last or be with us forever but the memories created by them is what truly resonates.

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    • Yes, the memories I will have forever. What ever will be left after this weekend will be donated. Hopefully we will have a good turnout this weekend, and the decorations can find another home. Thanks for stopping by today!

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  2. Wow spear seeing it all there it is quite allot of wonderful Christmas stuff! I am imagining your display and people stopping to see and take pictures! What amazing amazing memories and I am sure very hard to part with. But as you said many happy buyers who will love and appreciate each item!

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