Important Day to Flush

My partner forwarded me an email and wrote the following –

I have a great idea for a post for you on November 19th!  Since you are so anal on cleaning all the bathrooms every week (to include all the toilet bowls) even if not used since the last cleaning…there is a special day set aside for you on November 19th called “World Toilet Day’!  What are toilets used for… they flush away our waste.  Sort of what you are trying to do thru your blog.  Flush away your past issues and move to a better future (kind of when you look at a toilet bowl that has been cleaned).  The water is now clear and fresh and the bowl is clean of past debris.  Thus a new beginning…

He had no idea I would literally use his exact words.

A couple of items to note –

#1, yes I clean the bathrooms every week (to include all toilet bowls) even if not used since the last cleaning

#2, yes, toilets are used to flush away our waste, sort of what I am trying to do through my blog – flushing past issues and moving forward to a better future

#3, yes, there is really a day set aside for ‘World Toilet Day’, it is today

From Newswire News –


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This November 19, on World Toilet Day, Kimberly-Clark Corporation is expanding the Toilets Change Lives program which aims to help solve the global sanitation crisis.

For more information about Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to sanitation or to access the work of our brands related to the issue, search “Toilets Change Lives” on Facebook.

A lack of basic sanitation affects people’s dignity and escalates the spread of life-threatening diseases that can be fatal to children and their families. Additionally, countless children miss school because of the spread of disease and infection from a lack of basic sanitation. Governmental bodies and world leaders have increasingly called attention to the crisis by organizing events such as World Toilet Day and more recently by including ‘access to water and sanitation for all’ in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For a second year in the UK, Andrex brand is partnering with UNICEF, to sell special promotional packs of Andrex bath tissue in key retailer Sainsbury’s. For every pack purchased, a portion of sales will support UNICEF’s sanitation programs in Angola.

The Scott brand in Bolivia has partnered with Water for People in a similar effort to support their Everyone, Forever program to achieve 100% coverage in water and sanitation services in the communities they serve.

Cottonelle is partnering with Water for People to raise funds and awareness around the lack of basic sanitation for families worldwide by asking individuals to #GoCommando4ACause.


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Bloggers out there, make a donation is you can and let us help others with something we take for granted.

And when you flush today, think about flushing your past issues and moving forward – but do not think about me or this post – that would be just weird!

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