This year will be different

Later this week, my partner and I will spend Thanksgiving with my family in another city about 5 hours away.  Every year on Thanksgiving my siblings, parents, nephews, nieces, and their kids, my sons, and grandkids gather at my sister’s home.  I have not spent Thanksgiving with my family in over 10 years!

This year will be different; I will be there to spend time with my family.

For the past 10 or more years I stayed home, mostly due to my extreme Christmas decorating.  You remember my posts ‘The Countdown Is On’ and ‘Christmas Decorating Break’; I wrote about the amount of time involved to plan and setup this Christmas event; my ultimate Christmas display.  This took me away from visiting my family each Thanksgiving due to installing my display that same week because I always started my display the day after Thanksgiving.

This year will be different; I will be there to spend time with my family.

It will be a nice visit and everyone will have a great time.  We will eat a lot, and the guys will watch football and the girls will sit around the table and chat.  I love my family, but truthfully only like to spend a couple of days with them.  I have always felt like an outcast; the black sheep of the family, because I am different.  This difference will be revealed in an upcoming post and don’t get me wrong, my family loves me and I love them.  But this difference of me, I allowed it to distance myself from my family.  My extreme Christmas decorating; this was a good reason to not spend Thanksgiving with my family.  But I think the difference of me was the greater reason to not spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Currently there are changes taking place in my life that started a couple of years ago.  It is important for me to suspend my Christmas decorating and visit my family this Thanksgiving.


…………………I will be there to spend time with my family.

24 thoughts on “This year will be different

  1. Wow, my dear! All I can say is try to treasure every moment of it, accept everyone for who they are, feel comfortable with who YOU are. Take it all in and make a memory. I have no home or family to go back to, only who I have now and I am finally realizing that is enough. I just want those who DO have families to value each moment together. HUGS to you sweetness!

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  2. I’m glad you’ve come to this place – where you can feel comfortable in your skin and spending time with your family. Some of us are deliberately not spending time with our families because we are still journeying to the place where you are now. I’ve tried for a couple of years to spend time with my family and because of my own limitations or theirs, it’s been uncomfortable, (to me) Boring, and I’ve discovered how little we have in common besides sharing a blood line. It made me really sad for a while. But I have people that I do feel comfortable with, that are my ‘family’ although not blood. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy all your moments! Cheers!

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    • And a wonderful Thanksgiving to you! For my family, especially the ‘men’ in the family, I think the ‘getting older’ thinking is coming into play with the way they view me and their relationship with me. This may be confusing, but a future post should clear it up. Cheers to you also my dear! 🙂


  3. I’m so happy you’re ready to be there, and are looking forward to spending time with your family this Thanksgiving. 🙂 I too am able to go visit with my family for Thanksgiving this year! It’s about six hours away in a different state for me! I’m really looking forward to it though. I hope your Thanksgiving is fantastic this year!! 😀

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  4. It can definitely be hard to spend time with so many different personalities at once – I am glad you are going to venture this year – take a deep breath and enjoy it! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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  5. So nice you have reached this state of being (and becoming) where you have embraced this adventure with the family. Having a similar unfolding over the last couple of years (i.e. managing my mood disorders — which had one symptom of facilitating a great distaste for holidays and happy people), I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving (and Christmas) with family. It will indeed be an adventure, which means it won’t necessarily be always pleasant and it definitely will not unfold in the way thinks it will, for better or for worse. Enjoy your time. Peace.

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