Olivia wants to get physical

Olivia wants to get physical – more on that later.

I want to get physical with my doctor, oh wait let me rephrase that; I got physical with my doctor.  Wait, I intended to write, I got a physical from my doctor.

Yes, that is what I meant!

In my post ‘A Week’s Occurrence’, I wrote the following –

A couple of months ago I had an issue.  Without going into details, something was occurring with my body that was unusual and I had some cause for concern.  This occurrence started the day my son #3 married and lasted a week.  During this week I contacted my doctor who is busy and short on staff and therefore was unable to get in to see him.  I already had plans to schedule an appointment for my physical as I usually do this every couple of years.  I never see my doctor except for physicals because I am never sick and my physicals always result in being healthy with no issues.

Today’s post I write the following –

I had my physical yesterday and the usual process takes place.  I am weighed; and taken to a room.  I am asked the usual questions about medications, allergies, and anything different than when the last time I visited?  Then the clothes are taken off and this is where the doctor gets physical.  Ok, I have no issues stripping in front of my doctor.  I will say, my preference is a male doctor; me being a guy, and I am unsure if this is a guy thing or not, I don’t want a women doctor looking around everywhere.  I figure a male doctor knows more about male parts, right?

So the doctor is getting physical with me, checking my chest: deep breath in, deep breath out – and the same with the back.  Then the hands are pressing the abdominal area; he asks “Does this hurt?”   “No”, I respond, and another part is pressed; “Does this hurt?” “No” I respond.  “Stand up.” he asks, I respond and stand – here is the good part.  Time to check out the ‘parts’, you know the male ‘parts’.  He looks and feels his way around as though he wants to find something.  “Everything good?” I ask; he responds “Have you had any issues?”  I respond “Not with the male parts.”

Okay, now the time has arrived, every man’s dream – time to check the prostate – time to get physical!  Turn around, bend over – I will let you figure out how the prostate is examined.

Let’s just say the doctor responds with “Feels normal, no unusual enlargement.”  I respond “Great!”

In Olivia Newton-John’s song ‘Physical’, some lyrics have a whole new meaning –

Let’s get physical, physical

I wanna get physical

Let’s get into physical

Let me hear your body talk, your body talk

Let me hear your body talk

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