Holiday – Celebrate

Ok, the holidays are approaching quickly here in the US and time for the craziness to take place.

I wrote in my post ‘The Countdown Is On‘ the following –

For past years I decorated our house with Christmas lights and it grew, then I added music, then added characters in the yard and in the windows and it grew and it was fabulous – or it was until this year.  My past Christmas displays have included up to 26,000 lights all synchronized to music; this also included Christmas trees in 3 large front facing windows.  This effort starts the first of each year and takes all year to complete; between choosing the music, creating the light sequences on my computer program for each song is a tedious process and in all I spend up to 300 hours over a year’s time for planning, building and installing my Christmas display – or it was until this year.

In my post ‘Christmas Decorating Break’, I wrote the following –

For now, the Christmas decorations will be sold – this includes indoor decorations such as animated musical dancing Christmas trees and other characters, a life size Santa Claus, 4 large Christmas trees, plush snowmen, several Santa and Angel tree toppers, lots of Christmas tree ornaments, and many other nick-knacks that would make your head spin.  The outdoor decorations include animated characters such as Big Bird, Snoopy, Candy Canes, A Santa Train, A Santa Cowboy, Reindeer, Elmo, Rudolph, way too many miniature Christmas trees to mention, and a mega amount of light strands that results in over 30,000 lights.   Oh but wait – we cannot forget about the large amount of garland, the bows, the bells, then there is the big star, oh and did I mention the hundreds of extension cords – you get the picture!

In my post today, I write the following –

So no decorating for me taking place this year, but I could not go cold turkey.  The last 2 days and today includes my ‘3 Day Quote Challenge – Christmas Quotes’ and this next Sunday’s post ‘My 70’s Music Collection’, will be a Christmas song.  I will be posting holiday related music in this series of posts until the end of the year.  I hope you don’t mind.

My holidays are different this year; I will be traveling to visit family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My Christmas trip will also include another tour to find the next location for the next chapter in my partner and my life.  So no decorating for me this year but I will take a holiday and take time to celebrate.

Well said or in this case sung by Madonna!


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