Black Friday

I decided my post today would be about something not too important to me.  I figured yesterday being Thanksgiving and today Black Friday, there would not be much reading taking place today.

So today, my post is about Black Friday!  The name sounds scary ‘Black Friday’ and with past news reports, it can be very scary and downright life threatening.

I have never and never will participate in the ‘Black Friday’ madness that will take place today.  I understand there are deals out there for merchandise, but I personally do not have the patience it takes to find the deals and go get them.  Nope, not for me; I would rather stay home and eat left overs.

For you folks who enjoy the ‘Black Friday’ event, I have great respect for you.  Go for it!  Be Safe!  Be Careful!

And don’t end up like the poor souls in this video –


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