Time to Travel Home – Final Thoughts

There is a 5 hour drive time on the Interstate that I have driven more times then I want to remember.  The view during the drive is not pleasing and honestly I have seen it so many times with so many trips on this same Interstate; I dread the drive.  I usually always do the driving as I easily get motion sickness as a passenger.  While I am driving, my partner usually sleeps and on this trip so is our dog.  With the radio off and just the noise of the vehicle traveling, thoughts come to my mind.

This Thanksgiving was very different, not just for me but my siblings as well.  My dad was unable to make the trip this year due to his health.  The 5 hour drive I am driving would be the same drive for him and he is weak and still having issues and the trip would be too difficult for him.

I think to myself ‘My dad is not doing well; I wonder how many more Thanksgivings will he be around to celebrate?’  ‘Did I wastefully spend these many past Thanksgivings on my Christmas decorating when I should have spent them with my family?’  ‘With moving next year, I will be further away; no longer a 5 hour drive time; instead 5 states away.  What will future Thanksgivings be like?’  ‘Will I come back each year to visit my family for Thanksgiving?’

I wrote in my post ‘This year will be different’, the following –

It will be a nice visit and everyone will have a great time.  We will eat a lot, and the guys will watch football and the girls will sit around the table and chat.  I love my family, but truthfully only like to spend a couple of days with them.  I have always felt like an outcast; the black sheep of the family, because I am different.  This difference will be revealed in an upcoming post and don’t get me wrong, my family loves me and I love them.  But this difference of me, I allowed it to distance myself from my family.

I write in my post today, the following –

Thanksgiving with my family is over and it is time to head home.  I am driving and with the radio off and just the noise of the vehicle traveling, thoughts come to my mind.  With my dad absent, my siblings and I chatted about him, his life and us his children.  A sense of closeness between us kids takes place as we know life is short and our dad’s life will be coming to an end someday.

This Thanksgiving with my family I will hold in my memory for a time.  I am thankful I took the effort this year to visit and spend time with my family.  I am unsure what the future holds, but the present and the not so distant past are good.  They are good because I spent time with my family.

Thanksgiving with my family is over and it is time to travel home.

8 thoughts on “Time to Travel Home – Final Thoughts

  1. The future is so very unpredictable I feel we need to appreciate any day given to us…any goodness found within…and any love we can provide throughout. It sounds like your Thanksgiving is well worth being thankful for.

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