The Next Trip for The Next Home

I have written several posts about the intent of my blog; the writing about my past, those past events in my life that hold me back from moving forward.  The moving forward away from the past events, the past life will involve moving to the next chapter.  This next chapter will involve a new physical location to live.

As you may know, my partner and I are planning to move next year, to downsize and start a new chapter in our lives.

2 previous trips were taken to a different state in different locations.  You can read about the planning that takes place in my post ‘Planning a Trip’. 

This next trip is planned and we will leave a week from tomorrow to the same state, different location from our last 2 trips.  Like the last 2 trips, this trip will again involve driving to many locations to find that perfect home.  We will drive approximately 2,600 miles taking 15 days, visiting 13 locations, with 4 hotel stays, 2 family location stays, a possible casino visit, and oh did I mention; we will be spending Christmas with my partner’s family.

This will be the final trip of exploration for that next place to call home.  With the conclusion of this trip, a decision will be made where to relocate to and the decision will be made to buy an existing home or build a new home.   Once these decisions are made, the next several months will be busy to prepare for the move.

If the decision is made to build a new home, there will be several additional trips made to view the progress of the build.  If the decision is made to buy an existing home, additional trips will be made to view homes in the desired location.   No matter the decision, these future trips will involve flying since the trips will be a short stay and the drive is very long.

I look forward to this final trip for several reasons.  First, this is the last trip and a decision will be made.  Second, Christmas will be spent with family and I am looking forward to this.  Third, this is the last trip and to be honest; these trips are long and tiring; exciting but tiring.  I am ready to have the decision made and start the process of moving to that next chapter.

This week before we leave will be busy, there are so many things going on right now.  It will most likely pass very quickly and before you know it I will be on the road again.

10 thoughts on “The Next Trip for The Next Home

  1. Willie is wonderful. And best of luck on your search, I know how stressful this time can be, but oddly you’ll miss it once you’ve settled elsewhere. There’s something about the whole moving process that shakes one up and makes us feel (however briefly) really alive.

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    • Willie is wonderful – I saw him in concert many years ago – he was excellent! I am looking forward to the move next year, because with it will be new opportunities for a different life with new and different activities. 🙂


  2. I love road trips….since we have bought a second home, and we did this mostly for my husbands COPD, the dry dessert air is so healing for him….so I am embracing this new journey in my life…why not make it the best we can…we have committed to giving it our all…if this moves makes my husband feel better…than yay I am all for making his life easier…plus the bonus is we get to enjoy both places….this is going to force us to clean out our current home of all the excess that we don’t need…I see future donations to the local charities…for now we are knit picking through each room and taking what we really want…kind of fun actually and very cathartic…there’s been tears, and lots of laughter depending on the decisions we have to make….Have a wonderful Christmas holiday on your trip….safe journey to you….Kat

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    • Yes, I understand about going room to room. We have already had some garage sales to get rid of the ‘junk’ stuff. After the first of the year, next will be some furniture we will not take with us and many other things that will have to take place to prepare for a move. Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy Holidays to you! 🙂

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