Doctor’s Suggestion

In my post ‘A Week’s Occurrence’, I wrote about an issue I was having with my body that I had some cause for concern.  This issue has continued just not to the extent that it did that particular week several months ago.  A couple of weeks ago I had my doctor’s visit for my physical.  Without going into a long boring story, I found out when I was at the doctor’s office, my health insurance had been cancelled unbeknownst to me.  Because I had some concern about my health; I paid out of pocket for my visit.   Typically there are a series of lab tests that take place when I go in for a physical.

I informed my doctor what was occurring and with the physical we decided only one lab test would be performed in order to reduce the amount I would pay out of pocket.  At the time of the visit and upon telling my doctor the issue I was experiencing, he responded with a couple of possible reasons for what may be occurring and informed me I would need to see an urologist.  That was on a Monday and the following evening my doctor called me with the results of my test and strongly suggested I get a urology evaluation.

My friends at this point in time I will not speculate on what is going on with me.  I will be honest with you, the response from my doctor for the possible reasons of my occurrence has me a little concerned.  One of these reasons is much more serious than the other.  The much more serious reason the doctor provided to me had me really concerned and after performing some research, it got me thinking; thinking about many things.

At this point in time I am working on getting my insurance active again so I can proceed in scheduling a visit with an urologist.  However this visit most likely will not take place until January.  The reinstatement of insurance or getting other insurance is going to take some time and with another trip planned starting next week; January is not that far away.

Because I have many friends out there that read my posts, I want to keep you informed of what is going on and not surprise you with any unexpected events with me.  I will keep you informed of the occurrence taking place as needed and once additional information is available I will pass it along to you.

This blog has always been about me and my life.  My posts bounce back and forth from the past and the present; with the past events wrapping up in a couple of months.  As the present events takes place, this I will also share with you.

The future is unknown and waits to be written and as I wait for insurance to be reinstated, I will keep thinking about what is going on with my body and try not to dwell on it too much until I know more.

21 thoughts on “Doctor’s Suggestion

  1. Spearfruit, you stay strong. I know it’s difficult. I just went through a crazy run of two visits to the doctor. I spent one of those Nights. I’m going to be thinking of you and thinking long and positive thoughts, okay? Keep us tuned in.

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  2. Remember fear of the unknown is the enemy…..try not to dwell on it and enjoy the holidays….get you insurance in order and see a specialist….I only say this because I have had way to many episodes where I have let the fear of an MD’s concerns cause me great worry to only find out that is was a much smaller concern that the MD thought….I realize its there job to inform and suggest to us, as that’s what we pay them for….but enjoy your life in the meantime…thinking good thoughts about your future appointment….Happy Holiday Season….kat

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