Simple Advice

I really want to be happy all the time!

I know happiness is a state of mind, that only ourselves can we become.  Other people can bring happiness in our lives, but it is ourselves that makes us happy.  Material possessions can bring happiness in our lives, but it is ourselves that make us happy.  Food, alcohol, sweets, sex, pets, sunshine, snow, movies, pictures; these can bring happiness in our lives, but it is ourselves that make us happy.

In my post ‘Aches, Pains, Life’, I write about the aches and pains I experience on a daily basis.  I wake every morning with these aches and pains and I try to be in a good mood, but at times this is difficult.  You see, I am that person who when feeling sick or in pain – I am not a nice person and therefore not a happy person.  So every morning I wake up and experience the daily aches and pains and I try to be a nice person, a happy person.  I want to be happy all the time, but I am not always happy.  What do I need to do to be happy, to be truly happy all the time?

Update –

Sometimes I will write a post about a subject and then it may be a couple of week before I publish the post.  When I wrote this post, I went through a week where my body was feeling really lousy and that is where this post came from.  I do have aches and pains every day and this particular week those aches and pains were reminding me of limitations I now have with activities I use to do and no longer can do and activities I would like to do and cannot do.  This makes me unhappy.

In the past weeks since I wrote this post, events have occurred and my thinking has changed some.  I no longer am feeling the unhappiness I felt weeks ago and have put into place some reminders to myself how to be happy all the time even when those aches and pains are present.

Besides these events, I saw a couple of days ago on a video about a photo of a 90 year old women kissing Santa Clause in front of her husband; the photo went viral.  After watching the video, I smiled because this 90 year old women at the end of the video gave some advice.

Her advice “Look for happiness!”

Simple advice I will take to heart – no matter the aches and pains.

12 thoughts on “Simple Advice

    • I totally agree, I am guilty of getting in my own way of being happy. I get caught up in the daily ‘stuff’ – and lose site of the happiness that is always present. Thank you for reading and your comment. Hope your day is a good one. 🙂

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  1. I loved that video thanks for sharing it, a big smile for me! A very interesting post writing about your feelings and the aches and pains before and a new way to look at things! Wonderful post! Sorry I am late I spent yesterday putting recipes on my drafts!

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