Christmas Movies

Okay, I admit it – I am a sucker for those made for TV Christmas movies!

Do you know what I am referring to?


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The Lifetime Channel Christmas movies –

Holiday Switch, Holiday Baggage, Christmas on Chestnut Street, A Very Married Christmas, Nothing Like The Holidays, All She Wants For Christmas, Holly’s Holiday, Home By Christmas, and the list goes on.






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The Hallmark Channel Christmas movies –

A Royal Christmas, The Christmas Ornament, Moonlight And Mistletoe, A Coral Christmas, Love’s Christmas Journey, Naughty Or Nice, The National Tree, and the list goes on.




Other Christmas movies –


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I’ll Be Home For Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Ernest Saves Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Holiday Inn, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and the list goes on.

And let us not forget the TV programs –

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and the list goes on.

Why do I love these Christmas movies and programs of old and new?

The website has an excellent article ‘Special Features – Why We Love Christmas Films’ that includes the following –

There’s always someone worse off than you

Christmas isn’t always a good time of year. You can be skint, having family problems and so on, but with some Christmas films there’s always someone worse off than you to put it in perspective. Think of George Bailey and the genius of It’s a Wonderful Life. Similarly to Pixar’s Up it takes you to the brink of depression before reeling you in for a big finale pay off. We’ve all felt like George Bailey at some point and his silver lining puts things in perspective for us.

So am I the only sucker for Christmas movies?  Apparently not! article ‘Why I Love Cheesy Hallmark Holiday Movies’ has the following –

The Hallmark Channel refers to this season as “Countdown to Christmas.” For its fourth consecutive year, the cable network is pumping out a viewing-marathon-ready torrent of programming: 1,200-plus hours of original movies, holiday classics, and Christmas episodes of syndicated television series, according to Hallmark spokeswoman Pam Slay. Which, if last year is any guide, will be watched by more than 75 million people.

Okay, some of the current made for TV Christmas movies are not as good as the movies made years ago and some of the ones made for the big screen.  The plots are very similar and we know how the movies are going to end.  But I, like many other people keep watching; we watch because I think in today’s world we need to see these movies.  These movies bring some sense of joy and peace in our lives.  Maybe these movies help us recall the past; a past of innocents, when things were simpler.


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I am unsure of the true reason for so many people watching these movies including me.  All I know is I will continue to watch them.  What about you?



19 thoughts on “Christmas Movies

  1. My mother watched these every year – new and old alike – and grew to love them so much as time went on. She even had a printout/schedule of when they’d air so the ones she wanted to see the most she was assured of knowing their times. She passed away just before last Thanksgiving so this post has extra special meaning to me today. Thanks for bringing back some great memories Spear! (I’ve been known to watch a few of these myself…I’m a sucker for X-mas films also!)

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  2. OMG. This post is custom-made for me. Spear. I’m so excited that I’m dizzy. The BEST TV Christmas movie was made in 1996. “Christmas Ever Day” starring the great Eric Von Deeten. And then there was “The Christmas List” with Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Mimi Rodgers. Oh…GREATNESS! Then…”To Grandmother’s House We Go”–starring the Olsen Twins. Spear, you have now contributed to another lazy day for me. One in which I won’t bake but will revel in watching Hallmark Christmess movies in which the plot remains the same. Woman looking for love with/without children. Meets man but there are obstacles. People in small town bring the two together. Snow falls. The End. I just fainted! I love you

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    • I am so glad you are taking another lazy day to watch these movies! I have to be honest, I watch 1 of these movies every night for the past 10 days. And yes, the storylines are always very similar – but I still have to watch to the very end. Now go watch them movies! 🙂


  3. I love these movies. On our tv channels we have saturday and sunday marathons where they play all day! My kids just laugh. They are pretty corny but I just love them!! When I saw this post I got very excited Spear!!! I now have some more to watch looking at your lists!!

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  4. I love it….when we had cable I would come home and my husband would be sunk in one of the movies…..sometimes tears where streaming down the cheeks… nice to know there are others out there…LOL I am a sucker for the Christmas shows…and will never tire of Charlie Browns Christmas shows….I was the one who bought the tree no one else would…know my son and his wife have taken over that tradition…..Merry Christmas…kat

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