Driving for that next Christmas home

As you may know, my partner and I have been visiting locations in another state for that next home in the next chapter of our lives.  You can read more about this in my post ‘The Next Trip for the Next Home’.

The final trip starts today, and by the time this post is published I will have been on the road for several hours of a 12 hour drive.  I usually schedule my posts for a specific time everyday just in case something unexpected occurs; I know my post will be there in the blogger world.  This trip like the last 2 trips, we will be driving today through 5 states taking about 12 hours to reach our first destination.

The total driving of this trip will be 2,600 miles, 13 – 14 days (unsure specific day to come back home) and will involve many locations to find that next home destination.  After today, more driving will take place viewing and visiting different locations.  Let’s not forget Christmas is falling during this trip and it will be spent with my partner’s family.

With this trip and the last 2 trips; it got me thinking that our next Christmas could be in that next home of that next location.  Could it be this trip we find that location?  Could it be this trip we are driving home for that next Christmas?  I have spent the past 12 Christmas’ in my current home; a new home to spend Christmas sounds exciting.  Could it be this trip we find that home?

While I am driving, viewing and visiting different locations, I will have less time available to me for the blogging world I have come to enjoy.  I will continue to post daily and I will do my best to read your posts and comment as often as I can; but I may be a little later than my usual quickness in the next couple of weeks.

But as I am driving for that next Christmas home, I will be thinking about you my friends and sending good thoughts your way.

This Christmas will be spent away from my current home and spent in a family member’s home.  Who knows, I may have a new home next Christmas and maybe Christmas will be spent in that home next year.

I am driving home for that next Christmas.

16 thoughts on “Driving for that next Christmas home

  1. This is lovely! My fingers are crossed that you find your destination and that next year you are able to post about being in a wonderful new home! I hadn’t thought about it before, but this marks my second year in mine. And I moved in on December 6th…not that I recommend moving in the winter, but we do what we must, don’t we? Best wishes for you and a Happy Christmas and New Year too!

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  2. I’m so excited for you!!! What a happy post, I hope you two have safe travels and a fantastic Christmas! Hopefully you will be able to find your new Christmas Home as well, I’m sure you will! 😀

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