The Personal Trainer in Me

In my 40s I decided to become a personal trainer.

In my very late 30s, I ended the last of several short-term relationships that all ended badly.  I felt the need to take time off from everyone and concentrate on me.  As you know currently I am a smoker and a drinker.  I was back them also, but the time had come to stop those habits (yes, I started again later) and become healthy – and so, I started the journey.

The day I quit smoking, I joined a gym and went on a journey from unhealthy to healthy, very stringent I might add, for a year.  I worked out at the gym everyday with weight training, cardio, stretching and aerobics.


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I changed my eating habits and started eating 6-7 meals a day.  My meals were very strict and at first this change in eating was extremely difficult, but I kept with it and I benefitted from the results.  Now, I have never been overweight, but the strict routine of exercising and eating for a year took me from an average guy to a muscular guy with 4% body fat.  Okay, if you are not familiar with body fat percentage; 4% body fat is extremely lean.  I do not really boost too much about myself, but I will admit I was looking good!

Okay during this year, I did have a personal trainer for a short period of time and it was extremely beneficial.  I decided during my first year of transformation I wanted to be a personal trainer due to the benefits it provided me and I truly wanted to help others become healthier and happier.  So I researched which certification I wanted and studied for months, every day for several hours.  The studies included learning about anatomy, exercising, training, nutrition and many other facets of this industry.  The time had come to take my test, and I passed on the first try.  I then became a personal trainer for a nationwide gym and the training started.


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At first I did the personal training part-time in the early mornings and evenings due to having a fulltime job in the IT industry.  The fulltime job I worked contract and once that ended I did the personal training fulltime.  Unfortunately this did not last long due to the economic recession and this business can be extremely difficult to find and sustain clients.  My personal training days lasted a couple of years, but they were great and I learned much from this experience.

Today, I am not as healthy as once was as I fell back into some old habits.  I still workout at the gym frequently, plus exercise every morning at home and stay active.  I continue to eat 5 meals a day mostly consisting of healthy foods, but I do eat some junk food occasionally.

I most likely will never be a personal trainer again, but I will continue to do my best to keep some healthy habits in my life, even though I keep some unhealthy habits also.

24 thoughts on “The Personal Trainer in Me

  1. great post….since I have started this weight loss journey I have gotten to the point that I can tell if I have been eating badly, or just over eating….no matter how small the second helping was….nice to be back in control of my body again…well as much in control as I can be…LOL

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  2. It’s so hard to keep up such a strict routine, but, even in moderation….good for you. I used to go to the gym regularly, but I am so bad at keeping up with a routine. Keep motivating us!!!

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  3. I used to adhere to a strict diet for a couple of years. The results were great but after a while you start to wonder if it’s necessary and that’s when it starts to go downhill..haha. Downhill is okay as long as you don’t go all the way to the bottom. I don’t want to live without potato chips.

    4% body fat? That’s like a professional bodybuilder or close to death.

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    • LOL, yes 4% is extremely lean, but I was healthy. Could I do it again? Don’t think so. I have a happy medium now. Thanks for reading and your comment – I hope you are having a great day. 🙂


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