Happy Birthday Mom

Image1My mom’s birthday is today.  She is 82 years today and in good health and I love her so very much.

You can read more about my mom in these posts ‘Thanks Mom!’ & ‘Magnificent’.

Many of you know the importance of my mom.  She was there for me in the most difficult dark days of my life and literally saved me and my life.  She has never failed to be available for me in so many ways, so many times, for so many years.  She may at times have not understood me; who I am, what I was doing, why I was living my life the way I did.  But she never judged me; she always supported me.  She never has given her opinion unless I asked for it.  In past and present, I ask her questions about life, about parenting, about feelings, about thoughts and she provides insightful responses.

There is nothing I can say or give to my mom that would truly express what she means to me.

This past Thanksgiving, when seeing my mom for the last time on this particular trip, I hugged her, kissed her and told her the following words “I love you mom, more than you will ever know.”  She responded with an odd look, as if wondering what I really meant by this.  There has been an unlimited amount of times I have told my mom “I love you.”  These words come easy and for me are not just words – the meaning is true and comes from my heart and soul.  But this particular time, it was not just “I love you”, it was “I love you mom, more than you will ever know.”

Me and my life owe a great amount of gratitude to my mom, the person who cared for me, taught me, saved me; the person who brought me into this world.

She is the person I will someday be with upon my death.

You see my mom has given me the permission and honor of spreading my ashes on her grave – so that I may be with her again once we are both gone from this world.

No matter who leaves first from this world, I know with the ending of my life, I will once again be with the person that brought me into this world.

Happy Birthday MomImage2

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. What a lovely post…mom’s are defiantly special people, especially the ones who love you unconditionally….you can feel your love for her come through your words….we always end our phone calls with , I love you…you just never know when it could be the last I love you, you hear….And what a lovely thought to be laid upon your mothers grave…very soothing for you I am sure…..Happy New Year…kat

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