Home Again – maybe for one last time

As you may know, my partner and I have been visiting locations in another state for the next home in the next chapter of our lives.  The 3rd and final trip is completed and we are back in our current home, our current location, our current chapter.  Has a decision been made for the next chapter?

Yes, the decision has been made – we know where the next home in the next location of the next chapter in our lives will be.  At the conclusion of the first trip back in July, we left with no good feeling about the locations we visited, but we left with an idea of the type of environment we wanted.  The second trip concluded with a location that was a possibility, and a better understanding of our criteria.  This third trip ended with a decision being made, the location was found on this trip that best fits our needs, desires and wants; much of our criteria will be met with this location.

We are truly excited and now the ball will start rolling forward with this decision.  As you know the past several months garage sales have taken place; this is only the start of many more items to rid of.  Also, in the coming months many more activities will take place in order to move in 2016.  I will keep you posted on these events and activities as they take place.

For now, we have returned to our current home; the place we have called home for the past 12 years.  For now, we have returned to our home in our current location; the location that has been home to me the past 26 years.  For now, we are returned to our home in our current state; the state that has been home to me all my life – 55 years.  In the future, I will leave this current home, this current location, this current state.

I am home again – for now – until the next home is ready for me and my partner.  This current home I have lived in for the past 12 years; I have enjoyed every minute of living in this home, after all – it is home.  As the world turns, we move along in our lives and grow older and with this we change.  Growing older can be good and I embrace it.  Change is good and I will embrace it.  I will embrace leaving this current home, this current location, this current state.  I will embrace the future and what it has to offer me.

So for now, this current home is my home and will be a bit longer.  The next home will be waiting, but for now this is my home.

For now I am home again – maybe for one last time.


23 thoughts on “Home Again – maybe for one last time

    • Is it relaxing to know the place has been picked, but now there is much more planning to take place for the move next year. I will be very busy the next several months – so much to do. Thanks for stopping by today Bruce! 🙂

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  1. I am so glad you found it Spear ! It is so good to have a definite plan , a new place to look forward to and start a new chapter 🙂
    Lovely music 🙂 (and as an aside , the little girl’s kitchen table on her flashback looks just like the one in my kitchen , it must have been a very popular one in the 50s as I keep seeing it in movies and series)
    Turtle Hugs and the Best Wishes for 2016

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  2. Congratulations!! I can only begin to imagine all the emotions you must be feeling having found your new home, but knowing this is the last time to be at your current home. A very exciting time for you, indeed! I wish you and yours all the best!! 🙂

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  3. I am so excited for you…..I know that all the puzzle pieces fell into place for us on Thanksgiving. We had been looking in the Southwest for a 2nd home for over 5 years….we are extremely frugal and don’t part with our money well..LOL but it just fell into place and felt right…we are very excited, we are not selling this current home, my cousin is going to rent it from us and we can leave several of the rooms full of furniture and personal items….and we have the entire upstairs we can store stuff in….we are committed to one year to see how my husband does in the dry heat….How exciting for you…I look forward to following you through your upcoming journey..congratualtions….so happy for you……

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