Shift in My ‘Time Continuum’

In my life there is a shift in the time continuum.  It started a couple of years ago and is taking place now and will proceed into next year.

Okay, ‘time continuum’ or ‘space-time continuum’ is complicated and involves theories that were created by Einstein and not completely understood by me.

For purposes of this post, ‘time continuum’ refers to my life.  I have experienced several shifts in my ‘time continuum’ over the course of my life.  Have you ever experienced a shift in your ‘time continuum’?  So life continues every day with the same routines, living in the same location, seeing the same people and experiencing the same events.  For example, year after year we may live in the same home and work for the same job and drive the same routes to and from the same activities and experience the same people living their lives doing the same day after day, year after year.  This is our ‘time continuum’.

Yes, there may be some minor shifts along the way, such as a change in location, a job change, or starting/ending an activity and the routines continue.

In my life there is a shift in my ‘time continuum’ – when did it start, what changes were observed and when will the shift end?

My partner and I have been living in a location and working the same jobs for years with the same routines, seeing the same people day after day, year after year.  A little over 2 years ago the shift started when my job of 10 years ended abruptly with little notice.  A year later, my partner’s job of over 10 years ended abruptly.  Then there was the unexpected death of one of our dogs of 11 years, and a change in relationships with neighbors.  Early this year, my partner became sick and had a hospital visit that lasted nearly 15 days.  Then our other dog is hit by a car and loses her hearing.  And recently an unplanned event occurred that I will share in a future post.

Now the time has arrived for us to move on to a new location for the next chapter in our lives.

This is the shift taking place in my ‘time continuum’ – major changes in my life; many unexpected.

I believe in the year to come, another major change will occur.  I am unsure what this change is – I just have a feeling – there is something unexpected to come.

I believe in about a year from now the shift in my ‘time continuum’ will be complete.

As the shift continues, I will continue to blog about the events and changes taking place.

Stay tuned for the completion of this shift as my blog will change with the new ‘time continuum’.

I don’t think it will be quite as dramatic as Jennifer’s from this ‘Back to the Future’ video.


11 thoughts on “Shift in My ‘Time Continuum’

  1. Yes, I just wrote a post admitting I’m not Doctor Who and can’t manipulate or travel through time to see what will be…but each day brings new adventure even within the routine…and another opportunity to be the best we can be!

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    • Yes, always new adventures. But it seems to me there have been major changes taken place in my life and I think it will calm down soon and a new routine will be in place. And you are correct, there are always opportunities to be the best we can be. Thanks Bruce.

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  2. That’s what’s nice about time continuum you never now what its bringing…I am feeling good time ahead for you and your partner….change is good…scary, but good and necessary to keep ones life alive….no hints to where your new home will be?? Happy New Year…kat

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