Shackles & Chains

As some of you know, I exercise and meditate in the early morning.  My usual routine involves waking between 4:00am – 5:00am, drinking coffee, then exercising and then meditating.

When I exercise, I plug a Bluetooth earplug in one ear and from my smartphone I usually play my 70’s music that I very much enjoy listening to.  My exercising may involve just dancing; it may involve some calisthenics, and sometimes I will do some yoga.

I have only taken a couple of yoga classes many years ago and my early morning yoga is mainly for poses I do to help strengthen and stretch my muscles.  I also use yoga to help strengthen my body core as I have aches and pains in my back and shoulders I experience on a daily bases; the strengthening of my core helps to prevent future injuries in these areas.


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Several weeks ago, it was early morning, the mat was on the floor and I was doing yoga.  I know there are many yoga poses, and honestly I have no idea the names for them.  I did a quick search of yoga poses and could not find one that I was doing on this particular morning.  Basically I am sitting with the tops of my feet, shins and knees perpendicular to the floor on the mat.  I then lower myself forward with my arms straightened and behind me and lean forward with my forehead against the mat.  At this point my chest is touching my knees and the backs of my hands are touching the floor.

So as I stayed in this pose for a while, my mind began to wander and I started to think about being in this pose and shacked to the ground with chains.  I am in a dark room with a rocky floor with walls that are gray, cold and rocky.  On the other side of the room is a small open window with 2 iron bars; one vertical the other horizontal.  Beyond the window I see light.

I think to myself, why am I here and what is the meaning of this image?  Could it be these shackles & chains are preventing me from going to the window and seeing where the light is coming from?  Could it be the dark, gray, cold, rocky room is my mind, my life and the light is freedom from the darkness and restraint that has plagued me for so long?

Is the light beyond the window happiness, freedom, fulfillment, a life with no restraints?

We hear and read that we see a white light when we near death.  Is this what I am thinking about while I am performing yoga in this particular pose?  Or can we see this white light well before we die; while we are still living and breathing and experiencing?

At this moment on the mat doing this pose with my mind wandering, visualizing and experiencing this room, I think to myself, why wait to be near death to see and experience the light beyond?


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I think to myself, standup and free you from the shackles and chains, walk toward the window; see and experience the light now, today, tomorrow and until the end.

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