Urologist, I need to see you!

In my post ‘New Insurance – New Doctor‘, I wrote the following –

So, this issue of mine has now been going on for a little over 4 months, with some days being better than others.  I will tell you I do have a little more information as a result of a recent hospital visit.  Without going into any details now about the reason for the hospital visit; there were some blood and urine lab tests that took place and a CT scan.  These tests did not tell the whole story but did provide some insight.  The urology evaluation will provide more information about my situation.

In today’s post I write the following –

I decided to fill you in on what is occurring with me and has been for a little over 4 months now.  This may become more personal than you are interested in, and if you do not feel a need to read about it, you can stop reading now.

The day before the wedding of my son #3, I went to the bathroom and my urine was a little brown.  This is not typical as I drink lots of water and by the end of the day my urine is usually very clear.  The next morning the urine was okay.  My son’s wedding was in a smaller town 2 hours away and on the drive there I had to stop to go to the bathroom.  This particular visit to the bathroom, my urine was totally bright red, almost all blood.

This may become more personal than you are interested in, and if you do not feel a need to read about it, you can stop reading now.

Okay, since that day, the totally bright red urine has not occurred again.  But there is definitely a problem; sometimes my urine is brown, sometimes bright yellow with a strong odor and then there are the blood clots.  Yes, on occasion the blood clots appear.  Recently, this is occurring more often.  I mentioned in my above paragraph I had a hospital visit and I had a CT scan.  The results of the CT scan found something on my bladder with the hospital doctor indicating it was a ‘small abnormality’.

This may become more personal than you are interested in, and if you do not feel a need to read about it, you can stop reading now.

My new doctor’s visit was last week and for my urine sample; I provided a sample that was extremely yellowish brown with the largest blood clot I have seen.  This scared me a little!

As I wait for my urology referral, I am trying to stay calm, but my urine is preventing me somewhat from being calm.  I never really looked at my urine before, but these days, I look at my urine every time I need to go.

Urologist, I need to see you!

32 thoughts on “Urologist, I need to see you!

  1. Healing thoughts and light coming your way! That is very scary indeed…I hope it all works out for the best. And it sounds like it was caught early, even if the news is grave. They can do so much these days, we are indeed blessed to live in a time when medicine is so advanced! Hugs!

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    • Thanks for the hugs. I have been searching the internet with my symptoms, and I know I should not do it – but I am expecting the worse. I hope not, but maybe if I prepare for it – the worst will not happen.


  2. Bummer…my husband has prostrate problems…currently taking meds to help with all that stream stuff…sometimes his urine turns dark, but normally happens when he is taking one of the meds for his COPD….sorry about your trouble….sending healing thoughts to you….keep us informed of the results of the test….deep breaths….this to, will just be another storm in the port and your in control…try not to worry, yes I know easier said than done..kat..

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