My First Female Doctor Visit

In my post ‘Urologist, I need to see you!‘, I wrote the following –

My new doctor’s visit was last week and for my urine sample; I provided a sample that was extremely yellowish brown with the largest blood clot I have seen.  This scared me a little!

As I wait for my urology appointment, I am trying to stay calm, but my urine is preventing me somewhat to be calm.  I never really looked at urine ever, but these days, I look at urine every time I need to go.

In today’s post I write the following –

The first visit with my new female doctor was interesting for several reasons.  The visit was scheduled for 1:30 PM in the afternoon and I was told to arrive 30 minutes early.  I assumed this was because I would need to fill out paperwork.  Prior to the doctor visit I printed the paperwork from their website and filled it out – I like to be prepared.  The doctor’s office is a bit further from my home than I like, but I had no control over that, I was limited to the amount of doctors that accept my insurance.  I planned to leave my home to run an errand prior to the doctor’s visit and left in plenty of time.

My errand took longer than anticipated and when heading to the doctor’s office, it was already 1:10 PM.  I called them on the way and explained I would be there by 1:30 PM and I already had my paperwork filled out, they were fine with this.  One thing you need to know about me, I absolutely hate being late for anything and I become extremely stressed when I am.  So here I am running late and not sure if I would make it my 1:30 PM.  As many of you know, I smoke and this is what I did continually on my way to the doctor’s office because, you guessed it, I was stressed.

I arrive at the doctor’s office by 1:30 PM, the front desk asks me how I am doing and I respond “I am stressed, because I am running late!”  She gave me a kind response and reassured me it was okay.  By this time I had not been to the restroom for several hours and I needed to go badly.  I informed the front desk if the doctor needed a urine sample I should do it now.  Well you know what sample I produced and my instant feelings.

I then was called in by the nurse and she takes my weight and height.  I find out I have gained 4 pounds since Thanksgiving; I am not happy about this.  Then she takes my blood pressure and asks “Are you on high blood pressure medicine?”  I respond “No, I do not have high blood pressure.”  She responds “Your blood pressure is very high.”  I respond back “It is probably because I am stressed!”

Why was I stressed – I was running late, I smoked continually prior to my visit, I gained 4 pounds and I urinated the largest blood clot I have seen.

I think that is enough to make anyone’s blood pressure high!



29 thoughts on “My First Female Doctor Visit

  1. I would be stressed too! And then add to the problem by waiting and wondering in between appointments. Be smart, don’t google what the blood clots might be. You might drive yourself crazy by Wednesday. Hope it all works out for you!

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  2. I would have been incredibly stressed too! I hate being late. In my mind if I am not 15 minutes early I am late. Drives my family nuts but it is just me. Hoping it is something simple that can be fixed easily.

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    • I can totally relate about you needing to be early and if not then you are late – I feel the same way. I have had to learn to get over this because my other half is totally opposite. Seriously, my blood pressure does go up when I feel like I will be late. Thank you for reading and commenting today. I hope your weekend is going well for you. 🙂

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  3. What many practitioners have done with me (who also has the faux high blood pressure reading initially) is wait for 15 minutes and then take it again. Now it happens that I DO have high blood pressure and it’s in my gene pool (had a grandparent die of a stroke and a parent on medication their entire adult lives)…but mine was pretty mild until this year. Apparently with the rest of the FUBAR of my medical picture, the blood pressure is acting up too. My sympathies with your situation, and I hope the urologist visit goes more smoothly for you! 🙂

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    • The nurse was going to wait and take it again, but she never did. This is the first time that I have ever been told my blood pressure was high. I really was very stressed that day, so that is what I relate it to. As far as the urologist visit, hopefully that will be a better day. Thanks, happy weekend! 🙂


  4. I have white coat syndrome and my BP is always high when I get there..always!! we take it at the end of the visit and its normal by then…and I have to agree smoking all the way there, and stressed not just from having to go but being late…no errands before the next visit and less smoke…deep cleansing breaths….Wednesday cant get here quick enough for you…I understand…but all in due time…no stress…whatever it is you will be in control of dealing with it….thinking of you and sending you healing thoughts….kat

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      • It virtually impossible not to stress when your having issues with your body beyond your control, and lets face it, we have been raised to be fearful of the unknown and throw a some bloody clots…well you dam near have the recipe for a breakdown..just be aware that sometimes it looks worse than it is….still sending healing thoughts….breath in…breath out….

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