I Am Me

What do all these past posts I have written have in common?

Easy to Label, Easy to Judge

Other people’s stories

Being Different – aren’t we all?

my sexuality will die with me

‘The Outcast’

It is me I am writing about, it is you I am writing about, it is everyone I am writing about.  We all have a story to tell, our stories are our lives and each one of us is the main character of our own story.   We all have taken a different road and though there may be some similarities, it is the differences that make us who we are – me different from you and you different from me.  We come in many shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, upbringings, advantages, disadvantages, genes, genetics, and the list goes on.  This is what makes us different, unique and individual – this is who we are.

But the differences, the uniqueness and the individuality of us all may also bring judgement, labeling and out casting; not just from others but even from ourselves.  Who I am and what I am – I Am Me: this makes me different from you and my story is my story – it does not belong to anyone else.  And just as your story belongs to you and no one else, I am respecting and not disrespecting of you and I am accepting and not unaccepting of you.  All of us have meaning in the short life that is giving to us, let all of us remember the uniqueness of lives, the differences, the individualities of each and every one of us that is part of this world.

You know much about me through my writings of my past life and my current life.  I believe you know me very well and accept me for who I am and the life I try to live.

I am a father of 3 sons, a grandfather of 2 grandchildren, a father in-law to daughter in-laws, a son to a mother and father, a brother to a twin sister, a brother to brothers, a nephew to uncles and aunts and an uncle to nieces and nephews.

I am a human, a tax payer, a driver, a drinker, a previous smoker, a crier, a meditator, a dreamer, a writer and a blogger.

I am OCD, ADD, controlling, habits, routines, failures, successes, wins, losses, loving, thoughtful and trusting.

I am a person that was sexually violated as a child, a person that loves his sons, loves his mom and dad, a person with cancer.

I am a person that once dealt with major depression, a person that attempted suicide and a person that went through many years of therapy to overcome those thoughts in my head that wanted to beat me down and defeat me.

I am also a man who will spend the rest of my life to the end with another man – the man that brings happiness and joy to my life – the man I love very much.

I Am Me

38 thoughts on “I Am Me

  1. Love this post….It must feel good to put it all on paper….and you forgot to say your a wonderful, sensitive, caring person, a good friend, a man who encourages others through his writing, blogging, a great listener….someone who strives to be better everyday and only wants whats best for himself and the ones he loves…and soon to be a cancer free!!! good post Spear…thanks for sharing…..kat

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  2. This is achingly beautiful. I am priviliged to read it. As a piece of writing it is captivating. As a painting of who you are it is enthralling. Kind, generous, decent man I thank you for sharing this.

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