to expose me

My blog began a little over 8 months ago with my ‘About Me’ page, starting with the following –

This site was created to share my life; my life filled with failures, disappointments and successes. Why am I here? I live and do the same as others and I wonder why I am here? Starting this blog at age 55, I am nearer to death than I have ever been, but yet feel I have so much to accomplish and much more to experience.

Today, I write the following –

My purpose when starting this blog was to write one post a day for 365 days.  At the time I thought this would be a challenge because quite honestly I did not think I had enough to write about – I was wrong.  I started writing and ideas for posts came to my mind and I just kept writing.  My first post was titled ‘Hello world, this is my blog.‘; it was very short and received 3 likes – since then I have written 279 posts.

I being a detailed person had logic behind when I published specific posts.  I have timelines with my posts and I have a reason for the sequence of my posts related to these timelines.  Initially my thought was to write about my past life events in a year’s time.  This ‘past life’ series will end sooner than I anticipated; sometime in March.  Then there is the current life timeline, those events and experiences that are taking place in my current life; the here and now.  I also am writing a timeline about the future; the moving to the next chapter of my life, this continues to unfold with each passing day.  I believe the next chapter, specifically moving to a different location will occur soon after my 1 year blog anniversary.

The past events of my life are what I started with when beginning this blog and because of that subject I was reluctant in exposing my true identity.  I was concerned with what you the readers would think about me and also my writing.  I never really have written to the degree I have on this blog.  I was nervous about the reactions, the feelings and thinking of others with regards to me.

Now over 8 months later I have realized fellow bloggers are supportive of me, have welcomed me and appreciate my writings.  Because of this I decided to expose myself, my identity, to you my fellow bloggers.  But a course I am not doing it all in one post, I still have 3 months to write a post a day.

So I will write a series of posts to expose me – my identity to you the blogger world.

This post is disclosing my real name.  You may refer to me by my real name or ‘spear’. (I have grown accustomed to spear and like it)

I look forward to exposing more of me in the near future.


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42 thoughts on “to expose me

  1. You are quite the natural suspense writer! But what is really lovely is that you are gaining confidence daily and understanding that you don’t have to sneak around in the shadows and that no-one is going to condemn you for any of the patchwork of things that make up your past present or future and that in fact, by revealing the crucial core of you (as you did yesterday), you are gaining even more respect. I wish you a sunny day from perfectly sunny and spookily warm Massachusetts 🙂

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      • It’s a funny thing – I used to be very insistent that it was important to have a picture of yourself so that people felt they were talking to a person not (in your case) a plate of fruit. But I have adapted that since I started blogging. So if you want to one day, I’m sure you will get a chorus of approval but whilst you don’t I’m really quite comfortable with the fresh produce! Petits pas …. 🙂

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        • Actually I do have plans to post a real picture of me in the near future. But remember I have timelines and sequences to my posts, so I will not reveal everything all at once. I got to keep you coming back to read. LOL 🙂

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          • I’m most impressed with your planning …. I am naturally discursive but also need the safety of a plan so I am entirely at odds with self most of the time which results in a state of perpetual high anxiety. I will await the picture and meantime I will enjoy the timed and sequenced strategically planned posts that come first 🙂

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  2. Hi Jerry ( Jodi said Terry , now I’m confused 😦 but it looks like a J to me )
    Maybe you could tell us why “spearfruit” if you haven’t already (maybe I missed it ? )
    Big big Turtle Hugs ( it’s the Hugs that are Big , this turtle is a bit on the small side 😉 )

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  3. Well I kinda like Spear….nice to know your name…but you will always be Spear to me….glad your feeling you can start sharing…..a good sign….I love the way you have a plan and follow it…can’t wait to hear more Terry….and FYI I never once thought it was Jerry…LOL Kat

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