The New Millennium

Y2K, you remember, the year 2000 problem.  I worked in the IT industry on a project for a nationwide cell phone company to prevent their network from crashing.

What a way to start the new millennium, the 2000s.

In the year 2000, I turned 40 and this was the start of a great decade for me.  My 13 plus years of therapy will end in the not so distant future and those bad relationships I mentioned in my post ‘Oh Too Many Relationships‘, they had ended as well.  I saw clearly where I was in my life and decided it was time to work on me, make some changes, and start anew again.  In my post ‘The Personal Trainer in Me‘, I wrote the following –

In my 40s I decided to become a personal trainer.

In my very late 30s, I ended the last of several short-term relationships that all ended badly.  I felt the need to take time off from everyone and concentrate on me.  As you know currently I am a smoker and a drinker.  I was back them also, but the time had come to stop those habits (yes, I started again later) and become healthy – and so, I started the journey.

In today’s post, I write the following –

That journey did not just include becoming healthy, but it would also lead me to new opportunities to grow and new people would come into my life.  This decade also included major events taking place, such as the graduation of my 3 sons from high school, and them leaving their teen years and entering adulthood as young men.

That year 2000, I took time off from relationships and concentrated on me; I needed it as the previous decade of bad relationships was exhausting.  I took the first year of this decade off from all social activities and focused on me.  I became healthy, independent and confident.  The confidence would eventually lead me to a job I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to each and every day.  This job would last for 10 years.

Early in the decade there were a couple of moves that took place.  I moved from a home that I was renting to a roommate situation and then residing by myself in a nice apartment complex.  I was becoming independent again continuing my heathy lifestyle and moving in a positive direction.  Were there some setbacks in this decade, yes – there are always setbacks.  The difference is I was handling these setbacks better than ever.

So there I am in my nice apartment complex and haven taking 3 years off from relationships, I met someone.  It was the day before my birthday, and I met a special person.

This special person to my surprise would become my husband 13 years later.

I absolutely loved this decade and loved my 40s; it was a turning point decade that would lead me to where I am today.

29 thoughts on “The New Millennium

  1. Yes, for a lot of people the turn of the millennium changed our lives quite a bit. I was in a different city at the time, and later I became the CTO of a company and it probably changed my life too. For better or for worse, I don’t know. Three years later I got married to my best friend and coincidentally tomorrow it shall be 13 years since that date 🙂 (Alas, I lost my best friend when I gained a wife, hahaha. But that was to be expected I suppose). But, you know, the world changed completely after that. Not just for myself, but the entire global population. And I am not sure it is such a good thing. Sure, we live in the “future” now, but I cannot get over the “slower” age and the (probably romanticized) memories of a better time. I used to love the world a lot better then than now 🙂 Sad, but there it is.. meanwhile we go on living.

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  2. I remember well the days and nights surrounding the approach of the new millennium . I was working at a big airline then and as you can imagine we depended on our computer systems to operate reliably all the time or chaos would ensue . We prepared as much as it was possible for all hell breaking loose and fortunately only a few glitches happened , but those were really stressful days 😉
    I am glad that for you , the stress was followed by a change for the better in your life and yourself and for you meeting your future husband 🙂
    If I knew what I know now 😉 I should have ditched mine right around that time 🙂 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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    • You remember all the news coverage on Y2K, it was as if the world would come to an end. Then when it was here – nothing happened – was kind of a disappointment. Anyway, it was a good decade – appreciate you reading today – have a great weekend! 🙂

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      • Yes we were preparing for real big trouble , we even had these paper planes cutouts with stick -on seat assignments , several drills on manual operating this and that , and then…nothing happened 😉
        Have a great weekend Terry 🙂

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