To Pee or not To Pee

Every morning I schedule my posts to publish at a specific time, with no exception today.  By the time this post publishes, I will be in surgery having my bladder tumor removed.  The procedure is considered outpatient or day surgery, meaning I will not be staying long.  My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM and I am arriving at the hospital at 5:45 AM.  Hopefully I will be home sometime in the early afternoon.

To Pee or not To Pee – that is the question


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This is only the second time I have had surgery; the first being about 40 years ago.  When I was about 15 I had to have all my wisdom teeth removed.  Today I believe most wisdom teeth extractions are performed in a dentist office.  I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and back in the 1970s it was most likely logical to do it in the hospital.

About 40 years ago, I was put under using general anesthetic and again this morning the same is occurring.  I am not bothered by the anesthetic or the surgery taking place.  I know though once I wake, my privates will be hurting, and I will need to pee before I can leave the hospital.

So to prepare for the surgery, I am unable to eat or drink after midnight.  I wake several times a night to pee, so most likely by the time the surgery is performed I will have no pee left in me.  And now after my surgery upon waking I am unable to leave until I pee.   But I have no liquids in me, so how am I going to pee?

To Pee or not To Pee – that is the question

I got to thinking about this subject of ‘Pee before you leave’.  Per

Urinating may seem like a simple enough condition to meet before leaving the hospital. Many people, however, find it difficult to empty their bladder after surgery. This frustrating condition is called POUR, post-operative urinary retention, and it is one of the most common side-effects of general anesthesia. It usually resolves with minor interventions, but some cases may result in over-distended bladders, urinary tract infections, and hospital admissions.

Up to 70 percent of patients have minor trouble urinating after surgery. One in 20 people experience more significant bladder retention problems.

To Pee or not To Pee – that is the question


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I am uncertain how I will be feeling later today; therefore may be late on responding to any comments.  I know you my friends care and are sending me prayers, good thoughts, good vibes; all the good stuff.  I appreciate you very much – you are a great group of people.

Tomorrow is another day with another post – it maybe just a regular post, or it may be an update to how I am feeling – it will depend on how I feel and if I can pee.

23 thoughts on “To Pee or not To Pee

  1. I’m thinking of you, sending the warmest of thoughts and love to you and your hubby who will be awake and worrying when you are in the land of nod. I also send you lots and lots of thoughts of water – rivers of water, lakes of water, whole oceans of water in the hope that these will prompt that magical pee. x

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  2. When I had an appendectomy several years ago and they wanted me to fart before I could be released. No food–no gas. Swallowing a lot of air was my way of solving the problem. Not sure what I’d do in your situation. Wishing you well in your endeavor to pee. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.)

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  3. Catheters? My last surgery was a total hip replacement and they FAILED to put in a catheter. I am >possibly< allergic to general anesthesia, and the result of the non-catheterization was a disaster with people freaking out, me falling on the bathroom floor, a crash cart (what the hell??) and no way TO pee. I just couldn't do it (like your post said, I guess it was that urinary retention thingie)…and I was IN PAIN because I really had to pee. I'm sure someone's ears were permanently scorched after I got done screaming about them being stupid and not putting in a catheter while they had the chance…I still don't understand that. For YOU I hope the outcome is much less traumatic and that everything flows smoothly. I'm sure when you read this you'll be sore, but I hope on the mend. Also that my words bring you a small smile. 🙂 Be well my friend!

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  4. LOL that was the big question after my hysterectomy….can’t leave until you pee…now how is that possible since you weren’t allowed to drink anything hours before and after your to groggy and out of it to drink…I only had an IV for the surgery…..I had to spend the night at the hospital and I was up at 3a drinking coffee and anything else they would bring me…LOL finally I relaxed and it happened and I went running out the door…LOL can’t wait to here how your doing….kat

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