Benefits of Therapy

Many of you know I dealt with major depression as a young man in my 20s that led me to attempted suicides and a long road to recovery and discovery.

My attempted suicides occurred in or around 1987 and this is when the long road of therapy would begin.  I remember visiting several different psychiatrists & psychologists over the first couple of years.  2 years later, after my wife and I got back together after a separation I had the desire to move to a new location.  To start fresh in a new location, my wife, kids and I moved to where I currently live today.  This was in 1989 and upon moving I found a therapist I was comfortable with,  My journey to continue my self-helping and self-healing would continue for another 12 years.  There was the taking of medication to control my depression and anxiety: there was individual therapy and eventually group therapy.

It took me approximately 13 years to learn about me, to understand me and to understand my thinking and to understand my behaviors.  These years of therapy gave me the strength to overcome a major depression that once was going to cause my death.  These years of therapy raised my self-esteem and to have a better self-awareness and a better understanding.  These years of therapy helped to better my relationships with family and friends.  These years of therapy led me to no longer needing medications to control my behavior and control my mind.

I learned to accept compliments from others without minimizing them.  I learned to be self-confident and to be giving to myself.  I learned and I grew and I became a better person, not a perfect person, but I was a better person.

In 2001 that long road of therapy would end with the not needing medication any longer, I was feeling great and decided to end my individual and group therapy.  The day had come that I had worked for so very long, so many years, so many medications, so many therapy sessions, it was all coming to an end.

As I said goodbye to my therapist and my friends I met in group therapy, it was tough.  I may never see these people again; I shared my personal life with these people for many years, these friends who in return helped me to overcome difficulties and to love myself.

People come and go in our lives, some for a brief time and others for a longer stay – saying goodbye to these people is just part of the journey in life.

These people I said goodbye to many years ago, but the memories I have of them are still with me today.

The therapy I said goodbye to many years ago, but the benefits I gained from it will last a lifetime.

30 thoughts on “Benefits of Therapy

  1. Of course those that touch our lives in such a deeply profound way become part of our tapestry so we never really say goodbye to them. What I really get from this piece is the fact that there is no quick fix for mental health issues. No band-aid. It takes a long long time and the right combination of drugs and therapy and the right therapist for the individual. But it can and does work. That moment when you felt you could take the stabilizers off and fly solo after all those years must have been absolutely seminal for you.

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    • Yes, it is the ‘right’ combination of it all, which can be difficult to find sometimes. Some mental health issues do take a very long time to overcome and the struggles can be difficult. Thanks Osyth for your understanding of this post. Happy Friday to you my friend. 🙂

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  2. We should never forget those people who helped us in some way or other. Those memories bring a smile, always.
    “I learned to accept compliments from others without minimizing them. I learned to be self-confident and to be giving to myself. I learned and I grew and I became a better person, not a perfect person, but I was a better person.” – That’s a great lesson learnt, we all should try to become a better person, tomoorow…and then, the day after tomorrow… 🙂

    Take care and have a happy weekend… 🙂

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    • Thank you Maniparna, yes I still continue to learn, each and everyday – day after day. For me, it is a life long learning process, and though I may have struggles, I still try to be that better person. Happy weekend to you as well. 🙂

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  3. Hello Terry. I had many years of CBT therapy and really benefited from it. Some psychologists were better than others but like you, I felt I had come to the end of the benefit and use the skills they taught me to manage life with the help of medication. On a lighter note, I hope peeing is a little less burny today… 🙂

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      • I wouldn’t argue with that. It was probably the case with me. I’ve also realized that minimizing compliments can often be inconsiderate towards others feelings. I think I knew this before but didn’t care. I guess I was an asshole with low self-esteem…lol

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  4. That is the beauty of a decent human being. They will help another and think nothing of it. It is good to come out of the other side of the health issues but don’t forget, YOU helped them as much as they helped you, it’s just that you were stronger sooner so got to leave sooner.
    A brotherhood of man helping each other is the way the world should be but it is not until we find ourselves in this position do we realise that it almost exists….
    Have a great weekend Terry.

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    • I am thankful this post was able to provide you some hope. I wish you the best in your life and that it is full of happiness and joy, truly I do. Also, thank you for following my blog. Have a happy day! 🙂

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