A Walk by the Lake

Since my surgery a week ago, the exercising has been minimal.  I made it to the gym this past Monday and road the stationary bike for about 45 minutes.  Tuesday I had to get outside; the weather is nice and I needed to get outside and walk.  There is a lake near our home within our city and there we went.  I have been inside too much this past week – I needed nature.  I took pictures along the walk and thought I would share them with you.



February is okay, but I prefer May



But today, I met these friends along the way


The naked trees were waiting for me


And the sun was bright, this I could see


The path seems endless and lonely and long


But the ducks began to sing their song



As the trees broken, laid in their place



I was reminded life, is full of grace


As I ended my walk, nature took to flight


And I knew at that moment, all would be right

53 thoughts on “A Walk by the Lake

    • Interesting she has a way about that. Everything was right when I went on this walk – relaxing and taking Mother Nature in on a beautiful day. Thanks Joyce, hope your day is beautiful as well! 🙂


  1. How beautiful and I hope it helped with your recovery. Can I ask which state you live in or is that secret too? 🙂 It looks cold but bright. I, too, went on a long walk yesterday to feel better and it was 80 degrees! Perked me right up. Hugs x

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