The Hit – The Last Chapter

It was sometime in March of 2003 when I noticed him.  I was living in a nice apartment complex near the pool and my job as a personal trainer was not providing many hours.  I had time on my hands and therefore would lay out by the pool for some sun.  At times in early spring in the southern US the temperatures can be hot and it was no exception this year.

I noticed him out by the pool on several occasions and pretended not to be interested in him.  Then the day arrived and there I was soaking in the sun by the pool and as usual I would have my earplugs in playing music.  Back then I did not have a smartphone, so the music was coming from a portable CD player.  The music that day was by the ‘Backstreet Boys’ and the CD was ‘The Hits – Chapter One’.

I was lying on my stomach, with my head forward and my eyes closed.  What song was playing at that moment?  Was it ‘Shape Of My Heart’ or ‘All I Have To Give’?  Hum, maybe it was ‘Larger Than Life’, or possibly ‘As Long As You Love Me’, does not really matter I guess, but this CD would have significance for me.

This was a week day, the pool area was vacant of people and I am laying there with the earplugs in playing ‘Backstreet Boys’.  Then a presence was felt next to me.  I did not open my eyes, instead pretending not to know someone was next to me.  I wondered if it was him; that guy I have noticed on several occasions but pretending not to be interested in.  Could it be he decided to come out to the pool today, what are the chances that it may be him?

I am unsure how long I stayed motionless with the eyes closed listening to the music and pretending not to know of this presence.  I opened my eyes and there next to me was that guy.  That guy I have noticed on several occasions but pretended to not be interested in.  This was the meeting of my future husband.

That day is when my life changed forever.  It is 13 years later, we are married and living and experiencing all the ups and downs life is providing us.  There have been struggles and good times, fights, making up, having fun and moving on.

That day I was listening to a CD titled ‘The Hits – Chapter One’, today I would rename that CD title to ‘The Hit – The Last Chapter’.

In my eyes he is a hit to me, the greatest person to come into my life and this is the last chapter of many in this life I have experienced.  Whether this last chapter is short or long, I am fortunate to be sharing it with the love of my life.

What song was playing that moment?  Maybe it was ‘I Want It That Way’.

41 thoughts on “The Hit – The Last Chapter

  1. Oh Terry – I love this piece. It has an hypnotic meter to it … the repeated notion that this might be the guy you had noticed. And it was. And I love that Album and I am going to play it because you have ignited my smile with your words, the way they are strung and the poignant beauty of the content. Love IS all we need 🙂 xx

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  2. That is such a sensual and romantic story. I hope you will live happily ever after. There is nothing more exciting than having looked at a lover from afar and then it happens. Goosebumps. More clues! Now I know you are probably fit…

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  3. Ah a true love story…..its true lay back and wait and Mr. Right will come along….LOL thanks for sharing another part of who you are…..such a romantic, and I believe, like Cameron if you thought hard about, you would remember the song playing the moment you met him…..nothing like love….Kat

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  4. Such good memories I have from singing this out loud while driving my kids to school 😉
    And thank you for the trick ( we just play non-chalant and uninterested , right ? ) for when I get out there again someday 😉
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  5. I love this story! And the CD/song is great. When I played the song I was expecting the usual demand from my daughter(s) to put my headphones on but for this one I got the response, “That’s my jam!” lol

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