HS Memories – top entertainment

In my post ‘HS Senior Year Memories’, I wrote the following –

Part of the downsizing taking place is opening boxes in our upstairs storage and going through possessions of long ago.  Some of these possessions I have not viewed in many, many years.  Some items will need to be discarded, as they hold no value as a keepsake.  Other items will be kept a little longer until another day arrives that I will need to find a home for them, whether that be giving to my sons or the trash.  I realize it is difficult to just throw items and memories of long ago away, but not everything can be kept forever.

One item I came across was a book titled ‘memories’, I received specially for my high school senior year to record ideas, impressions, opinions, thoughts and comments.  This book includes personal data; including my senior picture, high school data, senior class data, class schedule, faculty information, clubs – activities – organizations; you get the idea.

I graduated high school in 1979 at the age of 19.  I married my high school sweetheart at age 18, therefore I was married my senior year of high school.

In today’s post I write the following –

One of the pages in this ‘memories’ book is titled ‘top entertainment’; I thought I would share with you some top entertainment back in 1979.

Top singers –

Donna Summer: She was popular during this time – remember disco was taking place in the late 1970s

Barry Manilow: I like Barry and his music

Rita Coolidge: Do you remember this singer


Image Provided by: http://www.tumblr.com

Top songs –

Last Dance & Heaven Knows: Donna Summer sung these

Your Love is Lifting Me Higher: A song by Rita Coolidge

Hopelessly Devoted to You: Who can forget this song by Olivia Newton John

Top performers who had concerts in my area –

Rita Coolidge and Chris Christopherson: Yes they performed together; Chris is not one of my favorite singers

Doobie Brothers: ‘What A Fool Believes’ was popular in 1979

England Dan and John Ford Coley: ‘Love is the Answer’ a popular song in the 70s

Charlie Pride: ‘Help Me Make it Through the Night’ was a popular song


Image Provided by: http://www.allmusic.com

Top movies –

Grease: did you see the live version several weeks ago on network television – I thought it was good

Saturday Night Fever: Classic

Ice Castles:  This movie will make you cry

Towering Inferno: This was a good movie for its time

Other Side of the Mountain: This movie was released in 1975

Thank God it’s Friday: A movie related to disco

Chicken Chronicles: This movie starred Steve Guttenberg

Foul Play: Who can forget Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn – I miss those 2 together


Image Provided by: http://www.amazon.com

Top TV programs –

Real People: Reality TV program in the 1970s, yes reality TV was around back then

Vegas: This starred Robert Urich, who remembers him

Charlie’s Angels: Everyone knows this TV program

The Incredible Hulk: The program starred Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno

Fantasy Island: “Da plane! Da plane!”

Love Boat: I miss captain Stubing, doctor Briker, the bartender Isaac, Gopher, Julie and Vicki


Image Provided by: pro-labs.imdb.com

Interesting how times change regarding top entertainment.

In the future I will post about fads & fashions, events of the years, and a few other odds & ends.





40 thoughts on “HS Memories – top entertainment

  1. I love these throwback moments! I was just thinking of The Love Boat the other day – who knows why but it did make me smile to put a date on the memory. I do remember Rita – she was really quite good, I do remember Donna Summer and ONJ (I wanted to BE her as a matter of fact – it proved to be unattainable), and I love the movie list – Grease of course, and SNF but Goldie and Chevy – one of those duos that you can’t wish for … they just happen and when they just happen they are beyond dynamite.

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  2. This is interesting. We are “of an age” but my music and movies memories are very different (I didn’t have a TV for a few years and so the late 70s-early 80s are a television blank for me). I remember 1979 as being about Elvis Costello, The Police, Boomtown Rats and Blondie, and local bands Split Enz and Th’ Dudes and Hello Sailor. The films I most remember were Kramer V Kramer, The Deer Hunter and Coming Home. What a serious young woman I was!

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    • Another of the same age! This is so interesting. I’d definitely adhere to all your musical and filmic memories … and who remembers The Stranglers? I loved those boys. I was at Oxford at the time and I went to see Thin Lizzie and ended up running off on the road with a certain Scott Gorham – very fond memories but no doubt they are mine only … I don’t expect he would stop in the street now

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        • Su Leslie you are a girl after my own heart!!!! Thank you for the Dragons – unforGETtable 😀 Such times – we were fortunate indeed with that soundtrack. I now have London Calling marching across my ear canal 🙂

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          • Hehe. I found myself singing singing The Undertone’s Teenage Kicks the other day while I was driving. I’m not quite sure what the other drivers made of my head-nodding and arm-waving. Just lucky they couldn’t hear me!

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          • I love that song – Feargal Sharkeys voice! I always assume other drivers are jealous of my rock n rollness on these occasions – delusion has its place in my life 😀

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          • Love it! As I’ve got older I care less what others think, but still wonder. The only time I get a bit self-conscious is when I know I’m on security camera. I tend to image the police trawling through footage looking for the lead that will break the case, and find me pogo-ing to the cover of ‘Come on Eileen’ that’s playing in my head. Or worse, doing that Hugh Grant dance thing from Love Actually. Cheers, Su.

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          • I imagine that there is a fair amount of footage of some pretty unique moves of mine on camera … best I don’t dwell on this! The Hugh Grant dance is a favourite and often copied by my husband but thankfully only every in the privacy of our kitchen!!

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  3. I graduated in 76! All the best music is from the 70s. I was relating to my son a concert memory the other day; Alice Cooper toured to Vancouver BC and I saw him doing the Welcome to My Nightmare tour. Alice Cooper fell off a giant toy box down onto the concrete but returned and hour later with chest taped up and finished the concert!

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    • Wow, what an amazing story! I never saw Alice Cooper in concert, there are a few notable acts I did see in concert and some I want to forget about. Thanks David, hope you are having a great day! 🙂


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