Why Move Now

In my post ‘Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions‘, I wrote the following –

My partner and I are retired and looking to move forward which includes a physical move from our current location. This idea of a move is not new and has always been in our future plans; the future came several years earlier than we expected which resulted in us living in limbo for some time now.


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We have in the past years visited other countries and other states within the US to investigate and seek out that next location for us.  With many variables in play we may have ruled some locations as a ‘no-go’ and others as a possibility.  The next 6 months several additional trips will take place in hopes for finding the location for us.  The next location will take us into the next chapter of our lives, one that will be different from the current chapter.  We are looking forward to moving on to this next chapter in our lives.

Today’s post, I write the following –

As some of you know, the new location was found and activities are taking place to downsize and prepare for the upcoming selling of the current home and moving to the new location.  In the past month this current home appears bigger; some furniture has been sold, pictures were removed from the walls ready to be packed and some decluttering has taken place.  Then there are closets that actually have nothing in them for the first time in years.  Where did all the stuff go?  There were those garage sales last year – you can read about those in these posts ‘Gremlins and their ‘stuff’‘, ‘Selling Gremlin’s Stuff’, and ‘The Christmas Stuff Garage Sale’.

More items are gathered and ready for the next garage sale taking place in a couple of weeks.  There is also some maintenance taking place.  Some closets are brighter due to being repainted, some other minor home repairs are taken place and with the warmer weather right around the corner; soon the outside gardens will be bright again with colorful flowers.  In 3 weeks, our realtor will be visiting us for paperwork signing and the discussing of preparations for the big day when the home goes on the market.

My husband and I are very ready to move on – we have been in a rut for some time now and this change is needed for both of us.


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There are a few decisions to be made concerning the next living situation, but the location is finalized and so our excitement grows every day as we get closer to the list date of our current home.

In our next location, we look forward to exploring more and to be excited about life once again.  We are ready to leave this current chapter and start the new one.  We would like to travel more, meet new friends, and become healthier and just live life again.

Why Move Now – living life is waiting for us!


36 thoughts on “Why Move Now

  1. I can tell you have worked hard to get ready for the move. How exciting. The only constant in life is change. How exciting for you as you look aHead. I look forward to following along. I don’t know where you’re going but there are many nice places in the United States was weather but I think you and your husband will enjoy. My son and I enjoyed a holiday in Sarasota Florida last year in October but I have another friend who really looks forward to relocating in Colorado. Wherever you go there will be new friends and exciting times.

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    • Thanks David, soon I will reveal where that new location is. We are excited about the move and looking forward to what is to unfold for us. Busy times right now, things to do to prepare, but we are making progress. Have a great Leap Day! 🙂


  2. I feel the excitement. It is tangible and I am certain this move will bring these simple wishes to fruition (do you see what I did there with the fruit 😉 ) – health, happiness, friends, living. They are the most seductive words and you will find them all. One thing – can you give me advice on Garage Sales. I have a whole house full and fuller of stuff which I am making sense of for my husband (it’s his ex-marital home) so we can live a little while just as us with no ghosts in the machine and then sell well ready for our retirement. But Garage Sales I don’t really know what people put in them?

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  3. Terry, it sounds as if you remain very excited and upbeat about the move. I believe you have been for some time now. It must be great to know anticipation will soon become reality!

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    • Thanks Bruce, we are very much looking forward to the move – we are so ready. Our plans for downsizing and other activities are taking place and progress is being made. Exciting times! Happy Leap Day to you! 🙂

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  4. I am glad to hear that you are feeling so excited about the prospective of moving to Narnia (or wherever it is). 🙂 Downsizing, organizing and un-cluttering your life is very cathartic. Gosh, you are so lucky to be able to retire and I wish you all the best with it. I didn’t realize it was leap year. K x

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    • Athena, we are looking for a fresh new start and new adventures. And we found a nice place to plant ourselves and be close to everything we need. Stay tuned for that location to be revealed in the very near future. Thanks for stopping by today and reading. 🙂

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