November 1970 – I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family

November 1970 – a song popular in this month – I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family

This was released the same day the TV show went on the air, and 2 months and 4 days later, it was a #1 hit.

Interesting facts about I Think I Love You & The Partridge Family –

The Partridge Family was a TV show that ran from 1970-1974. It was about a musical family, and it starred David Cassidy and his real-life stepmother Shirley Jones along with future L.A. Law actress Susan Dey and a young Danny Bonaduce. The show was marketed around Cassidy, who is the son of the actor Jack Cassidy.

Jones and Cassidy were the only members of The Partridge Family to perform on their recordings, as Cassidy sang lead and Jones, a veteran of movie musicals Oklahoma and The Music Man, sang backup.

This was written by Tony Romeo, who also wrote songs for The Seekers, The Everly Brothers and Richard Harris. It’s a very unusual song with a vocal intro (ba, ba ba ba…) that made it challenging for disk jockeys to talk over the song.

The group Voice of the Beehive took this song to #25 UK in 1991. Other artists to cover it include Less Than Jake, Paul Westerberg and Declan Galbraith. The Hip-Hop duo Nice And Smooth sampled it for their song “Hip Hop Junkies.”

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39 thoughts on “November 1970 – I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family

  1. I had just turned six at this time and was so into this show. I had their first three albums and listened to them all the time. Watching the video also reminds me, once again, how my current political paradigm was definitely formed in part to the media of the early seventies. Thanks the ride back (on a school bus) on memory lane.

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  2. My BFF who is a few years older than me, was asked out by David Cassidy when she was attending a British music TV show. Her Dad wouldn’t let her go because she was only 15. He was quite right but what a missed opportunity! She later became a Bunny Girl so you can imagine how attractive she is.
    (I’m still jealous… ;))

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