Get Over It

I really want to be happy!

I know happiness is a state of mind, that only ourselves can we become.  Other people can bring happiness in our lives, but it is ourselves that makes us happy.  Material possessions can bring happiness in our lives, but it is ourselves that makes us happy.  Food, alcohol, sweets, sex, pets, sunshine, snow, movies, pictures; these can bring happiness in our lives, but it is ourselves that makes us happy.

In my post ‘Aches, Pains, Life’, I write about the aches and pains I experience on a daily basis.  I wake every morning with these aches and pains and I try to be in a good mood, but at times this is difficult.  You see, I am that person who when feeling sick or in pain – I am not a nice person.  So every morning I wake up and experience the daily aches and pains and I try to be a nice person, a happy person.  But the not so nice person translates into not being happy.  I want to be happy, but I am not always happy.  What do I need to do to be happy, to be truly happy?


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I need to get over it!

My aches and pains result in thoughts and feelings that prevent me from being happy.  Why is this?  Again I ask; what do I need to do to be truly happy all the time?  It seems most days I struggle to be happy.  I have people in my life, I have material possessions; I have food, alcohol, sweets, sex, a pet, sunshine, not much snow (thank you – I am not really into snow), movies and pictures.   These bring me happiness, but it is me that needs to bring happiness to my life and myself?

I need to get over it!

What do I need to get over?  I need to get over letting the aches and pains I feel everyday dictate the way I feel and the type of mood I will be in.

Update –

Sometimes I will write a post several weeks in advance when I think of a subject I want to write about.  When I wrote this post, I went through a week where my body was feeling really lousy and that is where this post came from.  Those aches and pains were reminding me of limitations I now have with activities I use to do and no longer can do and activities I would like to do and cannot do.  This makes me unhappy.

In the past several weeks, events have occurred and my thinking has changed.  I no longer am feeling the unhappiness I felt and have put into place a reminder to myself how to be happy even when those aches and pains are present.  Future posts will  reveal these events and that reminder to myself each and every day to be happy.

In the meantime, I need to get over it – and this is what I am doing!



33 thoughts on “Get Over It

  1. I know what you mean… exactly the same frustrations.. but instead of seeking happiness I decide to get angry and grit my teeth and do what needs to be done, no matter how hard it is now… well, bad advice.. 😀 but that is me 🙂

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  2. Oh Terry! It is hard not to get brought down by stuff. It is hard to smile all the time. I have to physically practice smiling sometimes because I realise I have given in to the inner lemon sucker and am not very nice to be with. Aches, pains, gripes, groans are indeed part of the process that we call life and they get more rather than less invasive as we get older. You are entitled to be a bit of a grumpalump from time to time. But the great thing is that you are so self-aware and so keen to clear the hurdle so you can be Mr Lovely for those that matter again.

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  3. Cherish the moments. One moment at a time. The whole day doesn’t have to be happy. Just what we focus on. Yay for your new attitude. 👍 and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t feel happy. You are human. 😉

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  4. I am glad that you are feeling better than you were when you wrote the post and I completely agree with Jodi’s comment. For some people it is possible to choose happiness, and that is a wonderful feeling, but for others it is symptom of an illness and that simple choice is not available. I choose to make an informed choice (most of the time :)) to manage my health (medication, healthy eating and exercise) and then hope that it does lead to happiness.
    Long may your happiness continue.

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    • It is a continual process for me – I am making progress. I feel over the years I have programmed myself to be unhappy most of the time and I forget to see what I have at the moment. I am trying to reprogram myself by thinking differently. A work in progress – does not happen overnight. Thanks Kerry, I appreciate your comment. 🙂

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  5. Perhaps it is a little like, ‘if you fake it, you make it’. I am working more shifts to get me out of the house and no-one would guess what my true mood is. It usually makes me feel better to put my happy face on and help others. Hugs K x

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  6. Oh Terry, this is such a deep and complex subject, and very real. For me, I am a firm believer of Choice. The way we choose to conduct our life, each and every day, is all about the choice we make. Each moment of our life is a choice, which too can bring happiness or unhappiness to ourselves, the people around us and our loved ones. But, in saying that, we all are human, we all are going to ‘have those days’. The good thing is, to recognize those ‘off’ days or moments and as you say ‘get over it’. Wishing you a happy weekend. 🙂

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  7. Speaking of learning our limitations….this week for me reminds me of my age, the limits my arthritic joints let me do, and the over all weakness I have… enough to make you want to scream!!! Really puts reality up front and foremost…I lay in bed wondering, where is that young, strong, bull headed woman I once was….oh yeah….Life/time got in the way…also my husband and brother are getting faced with age….my brother is 73 and from working hard all his life the disc in his back have worn to the point of no return…so I know life for him is changing….not easy to watch…my husband is 72 and his COPD is rearing its ugly head…not only is it hard to breath, but it zaps all your stamina…..its at these moments, and I say moments as I don’t let it hold me back but for a mere moment, that the ole saying Life is a Bitch comes to mind first…LOL But what did my mommy tell me…smile and think happy thoughts….don’t let the rest show through….sometimes easier than said…..May all our aches and pains go away……!!! kat

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    • Thanks kat, your comment certainly resonates with me. I am just now at the point of telling myself to smile and think happy thoughts regardless of how I feel. As you indicate sometimes easier than said. Thanks dear, have a great day. 🙂


  8. Hi Terry. I’m having one of those “unhappy-woe-is-me-emotional-painful” days. The weather sucks, I STILL haven’t managed to lose that elusive 15 pounds that won’t leave my ass or thighs and I’ll be in France in 4 weeks…I have to get ready to enter the gates of Retail Hell in a couple of hours.
    Then I saw your post. Then I saw those words “Get Over It”. So I will!
    Thanks so much for helping me snap outta it!

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