Decisions, Choices, cause and effect

I made decisions in my life and the results of those decisions picked me.

I made choices in my life and the results or those choices picked me.


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Our lives are full of choices and decisions and with these come outcomes, results and consequences.  When my sons were younger and at the age of making their own decisions I would guide them but never make their decisions for them.  I would remind them before you do anything, stop and think about the outcomes of your actions.  What could the results be?  Think about the consequences.  My sons grew into young men and yes, there were some unexpected incidents as a result of their decisions and choices; but today they are men living their lives and making good decisions and good choices.

As they have made decisions and lived with the outcomes, the results and consequences, so have I. I made decisions in my life to smoke and then to stop and start again and stop only to start again.  The smoking picked me with regards to giving me bladder cancer.  Yes, I did think about the consequences of my actions, but made the decision anyway.

I made decisions in my life to leave bad relationships and I felt the results would be beneficial to me.  The consequence of this decision was that it led me to my husband – this man, my husband picked me. has this definition for cause and effect –


  1. noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others. has the following examples of cause and effect –

  • We received seven inches of rain in four hours. – The underpass was flooded.
  • I never brush my teeth. – I have 5 cavities.
  • The streets were snow-packed and icy. – Cars needed more time to stop.
  • He broke his arm. – The doctor put it in a cast.
  • The boss was busy. – Her secretary took a message.

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Is it cause and effect or decisions that lead to choices?  If I create a cause, does that in turn have an effect?  Well sure it does, all causes have an effect.  If I make a decision, does that in turn have a choice?  You see the decisions I have made in my life brought choices, not just choices offered to me, but choices offered to other people.

Many years ago I left a bad relationship and started over.  This led me to taking a temp job.  The company choose to hire me fulltime and the job lasted over 10 years.  That job led me to other opportunities and the consequence of leaving that job provided outcomes that brought me here today.  That one decision – that cause – had many effects – that resulted in many outcomes – that resulted in choices.

We make many decisions and those lead to outcomes, results and consequences.  Those outcomes, results and consequences may in themselves have a cause and effect.  Our decisions create choices; cause and effect – with the outcome that something or someone chooses us.

31 thoughts on “Decisions, Choices, cause and effect

  1. My mother used to say ‘your life will be full of cross-roads and it will be up to you which road you choose to walk on. No one can or should tell you which road to take though they are free to offer advice as you are free to take it or leave it. Once you are on the road you are on it and there is only one sure outcome – it will lead to other cross-roads and you will have fresh decisions to make. Throughout your life’ I remember thinking this was all rather onerous and repetitive and that what I really wanted was a magic wand to sprinkle fairy dust and ensure I had a really happy life. As a princess, of course. But in fact her wisdom has proven to be absolutely spot on. I told her that just two days ago when we chatted on the phone. There are no finites in life. And the only rule I have is not to look back and regret. I could. But I prefer to see the positives that I have gained from the mistakes made and I only have to look up and see my husband quietly working in the garden to know that ultimately I made the right choices about which roads to take at those cross-roads along the way. Great post – thank you and have a GREAT weekend 🙂 xx

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    • And a great comment – your mother is very wise – but aren’t they all! Thanks Osyth. I am very glad you see your husband and realize you made the right choice. You have a great weekend also! 🙂

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  2. A very thoughtful and insightful post Spear! So true, our choices shape so many things in our lives. My son told me that once when I felt bad about something, he said we all make our choices and there are good and bad results. Sounds simple but made me think about choices others make and not feeling responsible for them! xxx

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  3. We’ve all played games of chance and we know that we cannot win them all. Having the right partner to help you deal with all the cause and effect is a huge help. And it sounds like you have made some pretty good choices overall

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  4. Hi Spear. Sometimes our decisions suck and sometimes our decisions are really good ones–and regardless ALL decisions have consequenses. In my case, I literally baked my body in the sun and to roast it a bit more–I applied baby oil and iodine all over me. Oops! I got skin cancer. Now I spend every six months going to the dermatologist and being scared shitless. I still sit out in the sun but I sit under an umbrella and I wear a hat and I slather sunscreen all over and I fake tan.
    I learned a lesson in my bad decision. But you know, when you’re young, you just don’t think of the consequences. Youth = infallible. Age = reality! Great post!!!

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    • Yes Catherine, sometimes our decisions do suck. I understand the skin cancer, I have not had it, but my husband has several times and he still lays out in the sun. Appreciate you stopping by today – happy Saturday to you! 🙂


  5. I love this line of thinking. I actually wrote a fantasy book about going back to those key decisions in life and how small changes would repeatedly reset a life in totally new directions. It’s something I think about in my own life – how all the poor choices of my past also led me to where I am now. How awesome that you taught your boys the valuable lessons of cause and effect. It will serve them well. 🙂

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    • Your book sounds very interesting and I think we could all relate to it. Yes, I hope that my sons learned something, but then again, we all learn from our poor choices. Thank you very much for reading and commenting – have a super weekend. 🙂

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  6. Such a great post Terry 🙂 You know I am always on about choices …. I too, like Osyth, was brought up with my mom telling me all about the crossroads in life. Her words always stuck with me, and when I got older, and made a wrong decision, and got all confused, I always wondered why there was not like a book of rules for me, to help me choose the right path, the next time around. I failed several times with bad choices and decisions, and sadly I do have regrets, but I have to shake them off and ‘get over it’ . Haha sorry, here I am rambling about me. I think in time possibly with a lot of setbacks, disappointments and bad choices, we learn, mature and start making the right ones. I always believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Positive is key ! Have a wonderful weekend further. x

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  7. great post…..this is something I instilled in my children from a very young age….when decisions had to be made by them and they couldn’t figure out which way to go…we played a game…play it through to the end…using all the different out comes to the choices they faced….I use this same recipe for life over and over again….I believe if you think it through to the end, you make the decision on the basis of follow through with the best information you have….then you should never have regret…..only a couple times I have said…oh bummer should of went the other way…its always a brief thought as I remember the golden rule….make the choice and life with your decision…love how your post make me think back…good memories of life……have an absolutely wonderful Sunday!!!! kat.

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  8. This was a very thought-provoking post that reminded me of how silly I was as a teenager when my grandmother would offer me words of wisdom. My reply to her was that “I need to make my own mistakes” and while this is true, I’ve learned that abiding by the results of similar experiences of others I could have potentially prevented some of the heartache I put myself through. The one thing I can say is that even with good and bad outcomes there were lessons learned that have helped me along this path of life that – in spite of my sometimes obstinate choices – has turned out not too bad.

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