Crystal Ball or Fortune Teller?

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball?


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Has your future ever been revealed by a fortune teller?

As a young boy I would day dream about the life I wanted, the things I wanted, the ideas and the desires.

A crystal ball would have provided me the future so I would not be moving forward unaware of what that future had planned for me.

A fortune teller would have told me the future and provided me the information early on that would shape me into who I am today.

As a young boy, I would day dream about my life I wanted, my things I wanted, my ideas and my desires.

But sometimes it ends up totally different than what we envisioned.

Most of you know the events of my early life; the major depression, the suicide attempts, the self-abuse, the sexual violations as a child, the marriage, the sons, and the divorce.  Later in my adulthood there are the relationships, the self-identity realization, the therapy, and finding that special someone.  Today, it has been 5 weeks since my surgery to remove a tumor on my bladder.  Yes, my cancer was caught early and yes, it can easily come back again to visit in the future.

As a young boy, my day dreaming never included the events that have occurred in life through today.

As a young boy, my day dreaming never included the things that are in my life today.

As a young boy, my day dreaming never included the ideas and the desires I have in my life today.

If only I had a crystal ball or a fortune teller.


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What I thought I wanted and needed turned out to be totally different in my life today.

I am not living the life I envisioned; my life is better than what I dreamed about when I was a young boy.  Yes, there were events and experiences: hardships and misfortunes – assisting and helping – successes and feats – failures and doubts.  But my life today is not near to what I envisioned as a young boy; it is better than what I ever could have dreamed of.

There is no crystal ball or fortune teller that could have foretold the beautiful life I have today.  I am lucky: I am blessed: I am fortunate.  A person is in my life that I never envisioned.  Soon a world will be in my life I never envisioned.

He and I are retired and we are in the process of downsizing and planning a move to the next location of the next chapter in our lives.  As time proceeds I will reveal more about the move, its location and the plans for our next chapter.

As a young boy I would day dream about the life I wanted, the things I wanted, the ideas and the desires.  My day dreams never included what I have in my life today.

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball?  Has your future ever been revealed by a fortune teller?

38 thoughts on “Crystal Ball or Fortune Teller?

  1. I’m glad I never knew what was going to happen. Knowing might have changed the path that led me to this moment in life. No, I’ll take what happened, learn from it and procede to the next adventure. I have thought about it too.

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  2. I have had my fortune told a couple of times and whether they were right or wrong was sort of irrelevant as it turned out. At the time, I suppose I had acute insecurity and I wanted to hear something that would magically make my uncomfortable life comfortable. Roll the clock forward and I have gratitude which, it turns out, is much more important than knowing what might or might not be ahead. I have a husband that I love, I have children who are well and I have my health. And a feisty aged mother who drives me spare and I wouldn’t change for beans. So all in all, my future turned out to be what I made it – all the ups, the downs, the turns and turn-abouts, the frustrations and griefs and sorrows and the knowledge that I am allowed to be who I am. One pretty fortunate bunny really.

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    • You are very fortunate, and I am glad for you. You made some good decisions and being happy at this time in our lives is a good thing – I would not have changed anything either. Thanks Osyth, Happy St. Patrick’s day! 🙂


  3. Many years ago I had my astrology chart done by an elderly Estonian lady. She did not speak English, and her son translated. None of what she ‘saw’ in my chart made sense as she confidently stated all manner of big changes up ahead for me, places I would visit, and activities I would be involved in that seemed totally implausible. Looking back now I laugh because most of them did in fact turn out as she said.
    I’ve never been much for believing in fortune telling, but that astrology chart was very accurate, no matter what language and cultural background it came from.
    Great post. Thank you.

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    • That is very true Lynn, knowing the future and not liking it and trying to change it would be a mess. It is best to let life unfold without knowing the outcome. Thanks for the comment, I always appreciate them. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂


  4. Lovely post Terry. I am a bit on the fence with fortune tellers and crystal ball readings. Personally I have never been, but I worry that ‘what ever is told’ the person would then expect or wonder when whatever was going to happen…in saying that I am curious and wonder if what events have happened in my life, would be revealed….
    Have a wonderful day and a great weekend ahead.

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  5. No. I don’t want to know what is going to happen unless the happening contains me falling into enormous amounts of money and staying healthy until I am in my 90’s. I do not like fortune tellers but I love Styx!

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  6. I’ve been curious in the past and actually had an opportunity to have a reading, but I didn’t do it. Maybe it was fear but I never really wanted to know. Life is what we make of it, our experiences, who we meet, sliding doors and opportunities grabbed and sometimes lost. We wouldn’t be who we are today if we knew the future. Wonderful post, thanks.

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  7. Wow wouldn’t that make life easier and boring….a crystal ball….personally I like the unknown, not knowing what’s around the next corner….keeps me on my toes so to say….I learned a long time ago, that no matter what you dream your future will be, it rarely works out that way….when I was very young getting married, my dream was the house, 2 car garage, white picket fence….it only took 45 years for that dream to come true….but what fun trying to get there…I learned that its not what you have but how you take care of what you already have…personally less is best at his point in my life….always making us think Terry…love it….kat

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