HS Memories – the future

In my post ‘The ball is rolling’, I wrote the following –

As you know, several garage sales took place last year and additional ones are on the calendar for March.  With downsizing from a 3,800 sq. ft. home to a smaller one comes downsizing furniture and possessions.

In today’s post I write the following –

Part of the downsizing taking place is opening boxes in our upstairs storage and going through possessions of long ago.  Some of these possessions I have not viewed in many, many years.  Some items will need to be discarded, as they hold no value as a keepsake.  Other items will be kept a little longer until another day arrives that I will need to find a home for them, whether that be giving to my sons or the trash.  I realize it is difficult to just throw items and memories of long ago away, but not everything can be kept forever.


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One item I came across was a book titled ‘memories’, I received specially for my high school senior year to record ideas, impressions, opinions, thoughts and comments.  This book includes personal data; including my senior picture, high school data, senior class data, class schedule, faculty information, clubs – activities – organizations; you get the idea.

I graduated high school in 1979 at the age of 19.  I married my high school sweetheart at age 18, therefore I was married my senior year of high school.

One of the pages in this ‘memories’ book is titled ‘the future’; I want to share with you what I wrote my senior year about what I thought my future would be.

After I graduate I plan to go to night school and take Real Estate courses that I need to sell real estate.  That summer I am also going to work in the day time for my father until I receive my real estate license.  Once I received my license I will be working for my father at his real estate agency.  After I have worked there for about a year my wife and I are going to have a child and start a family and will probably make real estate my career.  I want to have three kids and I have plans for a big house and hope someday that this dream will come true.  In a couple of years I will buy a new car, a Lincoln Continental; yellow and brown with a T-top and every extra thing I can get on it.  Hopefully this dream will come true also.

I laugh when I read what I wrote back in 1979 as most of this never came to be.


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I do have my three kids and I do have a big house, but the kids never grew up in the big house and I never had that Lincoln Continental, but instead a pickup truck.  I never received a real estate license and instead worked for many years in the IT industry.

The future I envisioned would soon be replaced with a major depression, attempted suicides and divorce.

22 thoughts on “HS Memories – the future

  1. The innocence of youth. I always had in my mind that I would marry when I was 25, work a job that I loved, be a millionaire by 40 and have a family with whom I engaged.
    Do you know none of that came true. I had a child at 23, was estranged from the lunatic of a mother at 24, never married, had a couple of jobs I loved but that’s it, made a good deal of money but spent it ALL on clothes, women, drugs, cars and alcohol. The rest I wasted.
    I suppose at least I have a relationship with my son (when he can be bothered as he has a life of his own) and I am still hoping that one day I will marry the girl of my dreams and simply be happy. Balls to everything else!

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    • Thanks David, very kind of you. I do not think the future is ever what we expect it to be. I believe it turns out the way it is suppose to. Thanks, as always I appreciate you stopping by. 🙂


  2. Life….you don’t believe the obstacles that will be your way as you weave and bob through it….so happy that you have found the love of your life and happy now…..you are better for what you have been through, even though some of it was hard and very painful……kat

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  3. Hello Terry. We all have dreams and aspirations that perhaps were a little naively optimistic and the life that we really have is the one that is probably fated (with elements of choice). When I look at my old school jotters, I aspired to be married to all the good looking guys, Mrs. Kerry A, Mrs Kerry B and Mrs Kerry C. For someone with a higher than average IQ, you would think I could have aimed higher for my personal life!
    Perhaps teachers and parents should teach children that health and happiness should be our major aspirations. The rest will take care of its self.

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    • Yes you are correct about the health and happiness. I really had no drive to even finish high school so therefore really had less than inspiring dreams. But ultimately everything worked out for the better. Thanks Kerry! 🙂

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  4. Oh Terry, what can I say…Life is life…we all made plans of our future, and quite honestly how many can say that ‘their’ plans really panned out for them? Life, has a weird way of unfolding, and look at you know…happy. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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