The Treasure Coast

In my post ‘Realtor, Trip, Sale‘, I wrote the following –

The additional garage sales took place the past 2 weekends and many items were sold and others are now being donated.  This coming Monday, we leave for another trip to the next location that we will call home.  Unlike the past trips last year, this one we will fly and not drive.  This trip to our selected new location will be to search for resale homes and/or communities to possibly build a new home.

In today’s post, I write the following –

We are leaving today for that next trip.  As you may know by now, I currently live in Dallas, Texas and today we are taking a trip to Florida, landing in Orlando.

But Orlando is not our final stop; after an overnight stay with family, we will drive to the Treasure Coast to a small city that is known as Vero Beach.

Per –

Vero Beach is a city in Indian River County, Florida, in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 data, the city had a population of 15,220.

The beaches in Vero Beach are part of Florida’s Treasure Coast.

The Indian River Lagoon, passing through Vero Beach, forms a significant portion of the Intracoastal Waterway, and is a hub for boating, fishing, water skiing, diving, kayaking and other small-craft waterborne activities.

Our past 6 years of travel led us to Vero Beach, a small town compared to our current big city.  We are ready; ready to start a new chapter, a new life in a way that will be different from the current one.  We picked Vero Beach as our new home for several reasons.


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Vero Beach is a small city; we are looking forward to slower pace with less traffic and nice people.  The major traffic will be limited to the nearby Interstate 95.

Vero Beach is near several cruise ports; we are looking to travel more including taking cruises.  Living close to cruise ports in Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa will provide us many opportunities.

Vero Beach is near several VA hospitals; my husband is a veteran and for the past 13+ years has used the VA for his medical needs.  He will have the option to use the VA hospital in Orlando or West Palm Beach for his medical needs which are both within reasonable driving distance.

Vero Beach is near major airports: for traveling purposes, we are within reasonable driving distance to major airports including Orlando, Melbourne, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa.

Vero Beach is near military bases: our plans for travel include flying charter flights with military personnel and with several military bases located in Florida we can plan to hop on a military charter and take off to many parts of the world.


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Vero Beach has its own beach and a course there are many more beaches in Florida.  We like the beach and plan to spend time there as often as we can.

The next 6 days we will be in Florida.  I will continue to post every day but most likely will be late on responding to comments and reading your posts.

Happy & Sunny day to you all!

24 thoughts on “The Treasure Coast

  1. I have only been to a few places in Florida, like you i would prefer the smaller community. So many nice communities, east coast or west? North or south? I liked cocoa beach area and St. Augustine, but found the water calmer on the west coast around sarasota. Florida so flat it’s easy to travel. Cool you can get those charters and good health care. I hope your trip is successful.

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    • David in all our trips to Florida (there have been a lot of them), we literally have seen all parts of this state. Sarasota was in the running, but we felt ‘home’, when we were in Vero Beach, it felt very comfortable. So there we will eventually be. Thanks for the comment, have a wonderful Monday! 🙂

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  2. We drove right up 95 when we were in Florida, came down the west side out the keys and back up the east….the only place I didn’t like in all of Florida was Miami… was to many people, reminded me of any other big city in America….but Vero Beach was beautiful……enjoy!!!

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  3. Oh how wonderful Terry! Sounds like just the right place for the two of you. How fortunate you are to be able to move there and enjoy this part of your life journey! YAY! Look forward to hearing more about life there. 🙂

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